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Swedes ECLIPSE are one of the very few bands who managed to bring their ’80s influenced slab of Melodic Hard Rock to the masses. They are now back with the release of their ninth studio album aptly entitled MEGALOMANIUM: a word that well describes the grandiose sound and plans that the band has for their new music.
The new album to be released by Frontiers Music next weekend offers the joyful, hook-laden and guitar oriented sound of Eclipse at its absolute purest and finest. However the band is not resting on laurels, offering some elements of freshness to a sound which has already gathered legions of fans especially in the European territory.
While the first single “The Hardest Part is Losing You” simply shows that the inspiration is intact – truly one of ECLIPSE’s best ever anthems! – songs like “Got It!” or the Victor Crusner sung “High Road” show instead that the band is not afraid to take chances into different avenues.
Still they can rock very hard in the anthemic “Children of the Night” with a riff that brings back the memories of the best Dio/Sabbath sound in a contemporary musical dress.

Other highlights are the instantly recognizable “Hearts Collide” and the aptly titled “Anthem” which is going to set the crowds enjoying the band’s shows on fire. In brief MEGALOMANIUM has absolutely everything that you would expect from the guys from Stockholm and more.
Erik Martensson shows once again why he became one of the most in-demand writers and producers of the scene. His taste in melodies, songwriting and harmonies is absolutely outstanding and when it collides with Magnus Henriksson guitars, magic is there once again.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – The Hardest Part Is Losing You
02 – Got It!
03 – Anthem
04 – Children of the Night
05 – Hearts Collide
06 – I Don’t Get It
07 – The Broken
08 – So Long, Farewell, Goodbye
09 – High Road
10 – One Step Closer to You
11 – Forgiven

Erik Martensson – Vocals, Guitar
Magnus Henriksson – Guitar
Philip Crusner – Drums
Victor Crusner – Bass


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