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For 30 years hard rockers STEELHEART has been Rock’n the world with their high octane live performances. After releasing 5 studio albums, the latest being the strong “Through Worlds Of Stardust“; SteelHeart is gearing up for a release of their 30th Anniversary Best Of compilation album.
In an effort to make this truly a celebration, lead vocalist and founder Miljenko Matijevic has invited Steelheart’s extended family of friends and fans to get involved suggesting the songs to create the Best Of compilation.
As result, “Steelheart 30” is a culmination of brand new recordings and newly re-mixed & re-mastered tracks. The CD includes the Hits, Fan Favorites, and Concert Staples. Highlights include: “Everybody Loves Eileen”, “We All Die Young” (with a fresh remix), and a new duet version of “I’ll Never Let You Go (Angel Eyes)” sung with a very special guest female vocalist.
Featuring on three of SteelHeart’s most iconic tracks, there’s a 40 piece orchestra to give the songs a special new feeling.

SteelHeart announces the release of the new single “In Love,” set to drop on June 2nd, 2023. The song is an enhanced version of their 2017 hit, “I’m So In Love With You,” in keeping with the 30th Anniversary theme of reimagining the band’s most popular tracks. The full, physical 30th Anniversary vinyl will ship on June 9th – one copy will contain a ‘golden ticket’ that means an extraordinary prize package.

SteelHeart has recorded new, revitalized versions of “Good 2B Alive”, “Everybody Loves Eileen”, “She’s Gone” and more for the STEELHEART 30th album, while others are benefited by new remixes like “We All Die Young”.
Matijević was the voice for the “fictional” rock band STEEL DRAGON from the film “Rock Star” (starring Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston). “We All Die Young” is the track that Wahlberg lip-synced in the film, and is a STEELHEART fan favorite. It never got its proper due, since the song’s original version came out September 11, 2001 and — along with all other songs with the word “die” in them — was shelved promotion-wise after the terrorist attacks.

Additionally, we find the new song “In Love”, which is an enhanced version of their 2017 hit, “I’m So In Love With You,” in keeping with the 30th Anniversary theme of re-imagining the band’s most popular tracks. “We wanted to take one of our most romantic songs and give it a new, modern twist, with just a piano, vocals and 4 cellos” says Matijevic. “We’re excited with this updated version for our fans and hopefully introduce it to a new audience.”

“Steelheart 30” isn’t just a ‘best of’ compiled from original recordings – this is just a completely new album, the songs featuring new arrangements and production sound.
A good song is always a good song, and “Steelheart 30” is full of ’em, in an updated, refreshing offering.
Highly Recommended


01 – Everybody Loves Eileen [re-recorded]
02 – Good 2B Alive [re-recorded]
03 – We All Die Young [remix 2023]
04 – I’ll Never Let You Go (Angel Eyes) [Feat. Steviann Matijevic]
05 – Mama Don’t You Cry [re-recorded]
06 – She’s Gone [re-recorded]
07 – Wait [remix]
08 – In Love [re-recorded]
09 – My Freedom [remix]
10 – Trust In Love [re-recorded]


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