KATAGORY V – Resurrect The Insurgence (2023)

KATAGORY V - Resurrect The Insurgence (2023) - full

KATAGORY V formed in 1999 as the premier Progressive Metal act out of Utah. Though the band hails from the United States, thier style of music and their largest fanbase is across the pond over in Europe. Katagory V has played the very coveted “Prog-Power Festival” held annually in Atlanta Georgia where the band increased their US fanbase and continued to get more world-wide attention.
After 4 strong studio albums Katagory V recorded a new record titled “Resurrect The Insurgence” which was mixed & mastered by Pink Cream 69’s renowned Dennis Ward. Unfortunately the album got shelved and only recieved a limited digital release in 2015. Katagory V disbanded soon after.
Since then, the band has received many messages from their fans begging the band to release a CD press of the album. Then it is Metallic Blue Records who refused to see this really good album not get a proper release and teamed up with Katagory V for a reissue and get world-wide distribution. “Resurrect The Insurgence” now comes with improved artwork.
With a style influenced by Queensryche, Dream Theater, Circus Maximus, etc, mixed with melodic metal / hard rock, this is a very welcomed reissue.

This quintet is one of the more versatile progressive metal acts from the US scene from the last two decades – and this 10 track record continued that outlook, becoming a fitting epitaph to their discography.
Those who expect well-thought material that features tight tempo changes and stunning guitar harmonies/rhythms will find “Crash Down” and “I Am Change” delectable. On the flip side you’ll hear one of the heaviest Katagory V songs ever in “Sinister Seduction” as well as the band flirting with AOR-tinges in terms of vocal and musical harmonies on “My Insurrection”.

Vocalist Al Rybka gives this material additional multi-faceted substance, a true progressive singer as he can hit everything from classic Geoff Tate to Fates Warning’s Ray Alder – check out his lower register during the quieter “Sins of the Son” and soaring eagle note abilities during the end of “The Search for Control”.
Gaining the mixing/mastering experience of Dennis Ward, the production skills of bassist/guitarist Dustin Mitchell are exemplary, standing toe to toe with the best from the late 80s to mid-90s melodic progressive metal platters.

Finally hitting the market on CD (the album was recorded 2010), fans of the genre should be proud that ”Resurrect the Insurgence” didn’t end up solely in the hands of the band. Good records remain timeless.
Highly Recommended


01 – Ascension
02 – Crash Down
03 – Sinister Seduction
04 – Far Too Long
05 – My Insurrection
06 – Get Awesome
07 – Sins Of The Son
08 – I Am Change
09 – The Search For Control
10 – Writings On The Wall

Albert Rybka – Lead Vocals
Kris Krompel – Guitar
Marc Hanson – Guitar
Dustin Mitchell – Bass
Matthew “Bizzaro” Lefevre – Drums
Jordan Jennings – Keyboards
The “Kata-Choir”: Norman Skinner, Shane Provostgaard, John Yelland, Albert Rybka



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