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With the just released new TERJE album some of you asked for his band ON THE RISE stupendous AOR albums. Originally put out by Frontiers music in 2009, ON THE RISE’s second album for Frontiers Music, ”Dream Zone” (out of print now) delivered more quality material, rich in harmonies, melodic rock hooks and classy AOR melodies.
ON THE RISE had a wonderful debut album and after a long six-year wait ”Dream Zone” this follow up CD demonstrated that the magic and quality was still there. Plenty of smooth vocals and keyboard / synth fills the record is dominated by excellent guitar playing in the style of Steve Lukather and Tommy Denander, all served with class songwriting. Production is crystal clear and polished, timeless.
Highlights include the upbeat melodic vocals of “Lifeline”, the high impact choruses of “Get Out Of Here”, the Toto-ish “No Time To Lose”, and the great guitar riffs / solos of “Tomorrow Never Dies”.

Vocally Terje has a classic AOR voice that seems to be reminiscent of most of the greats, there’s a little Gramm a smidge of Perry and even a touch of John Elefante in the mix, however his performance is never derivative of anyone. The vocal arrangements are excellent and their gloss and sheen truly lift the album.

The album opens up with a fantastic AOR-cracker named ‘Lifeline’. This is AOR by the numbers and has everything fans of the genre look for. Yes, the hooklines are stunning with golden riffs and layers of keyboards. The chorus is huge with powerful background vocals, like a mixture of Work Of Art, Mecca meets Le Roux. You don’t get much close AOR-heaven than this.
‘Lost Your Track’ is up next and is another superb rocker with some West-coast influences and if you love T’Bell then this is right up your alley.

‘Alive’ bright with a strong powerful chorus, ‘In The Line Of Fire’ is an up-tempo melodic rocker with a pretty 80s feel, then ‘No Time To Lose’ is filled with strong riffs and lovely keyboards that we love with a catchy chorus.
The great ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ reminds of Praying Mantis in their most commercial era. Finally we have to mention the only ballad ‘Howling At The Moon’ that is nothing but brilliant. While there’s only one on ‘Dream Zone’, like on the debut album Terje manages to write first class AOR ballads.

On this album once more Terje has put together some classy upbeat guitar led AOR. Perhaps that’s the key as to why On The Rise seem able to easily slip into a crowded genre with a glorious past and still have a lasting impact.
Too many AOR bands these days pack their album full of lush atmospheres and power keyboards whilst forgetting that the best AOR / Melodic Rock acts always led with their guitars at the front and then augmented them with ivory tinkling, not the other way round. One of the best examples is TOTO, and that’s why ON THE RISE brings to mind Lukather & Co.
That’s not to suggest that the keyboards are inconsequential as although they do on the whole take second billing, when they are used it is to great effect and they add a tremendous amount of colour to the songs.

ON THE RISE in no way break the mould or dazzle with challenging themes, however for those AOR lovers looking for a touch of past glories (and there are a few of them!), ”Dream Zone” will find a welcome home.
This is one of the strongest pure AOR / melodic rock albums in recent decades, and is highly recommended to fans of ’80s stylings from the genre.


01 – Lifeline
02 – Lost Your Track
03 – Dream Zone
04 – Edellyn
05 – Alive
06 – In the Line of Fire
07 – Get Out of Here
08 – Fly Away
09 – No Time to Lose
10 – Why Wait Another Day
11 – Tomorrow Never Dies
12 – Howling at the Moon
13 – Find a Way (Bonus Track)

Terje Eide – Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Erik Engebretsen – Drums
Christian Wolff – Keyboards, Bass, Guitars
Eric Ragno – Piano, Keyboards


Out of Print

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