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With the just released new TERJE album some of you asked for his band ON THE RISE stupendous AOR albums. Originally put out by Frontiers music in 2003, self-titled debut CD “On The Rise” went out of print, but was reissued some time ago including the original Japanese edition bonus track.
The core of this Norwegian AOR act consisted of Terje Eide (vocals/guitars) and Bennech Lyngboe (vocals) – but rather than take the programmed way out, they are accompanied by a full studio band which has greatly enhanced the sonic quality – On The Rise surprised the AOR / Melodic Rock community with this debut album.
“On The Rise” features a full melodic AOR sound and a balanced mix carrying a certain European air, wisely mixed with a very commercial blend of hooks / harmonies, a sense for a big production sound akin GIANT, RICK SPRINGFIELD / NELSON type of layered melodies, and TOTO’s technical finesse.

Opening the album is ‘Beat Of Your Heart’ in the best early Nelson style, featuring a hard edged guitar intro (a la Rick Springfield), giving way to pure multi-part harmonies. The hook filled verse moves into a bridge then to a great feel-good chorus. ‘Lift You Up’ is a little more moodier, but still featuring more great harmonies and another stand out chorus.
‘The World Of Change’ has a a lovely Joseph Williams / Toto vibe to it. A sparse verse breaks into another catchy bridge/chorus formation with a hook that just sticks from the word go. Features a nice Lukather style guitar break mid-track.

‘Memories Forever’ is the first ballad of the album, and a favorite. Soft and mellow to start, slowly building as the song flows. This is another bit of brilliance straight out of the Nelson songbook yet with a Scandinavian feel. The softly sung chorus hook is another that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.
So far, a terrific album, and it just keeps getting better.

Keeping the midtempo vibe is ‘Pride’, a song which is primarily guitar driven and supported by keyboards. A good verse drops straight into a chorus hook that is etched permanently to the brain first listen. One hell of a chorus that grows each time during the song.
‘Leaps & Bounds’ blend acoustic and electric guitars nicely, then ‘Running In The Night’ features a fresh style, something like the punchier feel of the Nelson’s Silence Is Broken album. Rocking and with certain swagger to it. A good change in pace at a perfect time in the album’s running order.

The sweet AOR of ‘Keep Our Love Alive’ provides a different atmosphere, as well as ‘Stay Away’ delivering a tougher guitar intro and several different movements within the song. It’s most comparable to one of Toto’s little adventures, and like that band still features a very melodic chorus.

‘Sadness Hits Like A Stone’ picks up the tempo, with one of the album’s faster beats. This has a Toto meets Giant feel to it with some clever guitar parts, good vocal changes and another strong, original chorus.
Midtempo ballad ‘Could Have Been The Last Time’ fits the album perfectly, then ‘Stranded’ rocks out, an upbeat guitar driven track with a tougher vocal. ‘The Moment’ is slow, acoustically filled but again different than anything else on the record. A very smooth tune with lots of atmospheres.
Original Japanese bonus track ‘We All Got To Change’ has a festive, uptempo and truly feel-good spirit, some kind of a lost Nelson track with a Rick Springfield-like chorus. One of the best from the bunch.

Make no mistake, “On The Rise” is one of the best AOR records released in 2000’s.
On The Rise offers classy stuff but also something different with a great deal of musical variety, all packed and delivered with some amazing harmonies, fantastic production and terrific melodic multi-part harmony choruses. The best thing is that even at 15 tracks, I’m struggling to find a filler with each having its own feeling.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Beat Of Your Heart
02 – Lift You Up
03 – The World Of Change
04 – Memories Forever
05 – Pride
06 – Leaps & Bounds
07 – Running In The Night
08 – Keep Our Love Alive
09 – Stay Away
10 – Sadness Hits Like A Stone
11 – Two Young Hearts
12 – Could Have Been The Last Time
13 – Stranded
14 – The Moment
15 – We All Got To Change [original Japanese bonus track]

Terje Eide: lead and backing vocals, guitars
Bennech Lyngboe: lead and backing vocals
Jan Martin Kleveland: bass
Zsolt Meszaros: drums
Asbjorn Vie: keyboards
Roy Bjorge: additional keyboards



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