STONEMILLER INC. – Welcome To The Show (2023)

STONEMILLER INC. - Welcome To The Show (2023) - full

STONEMILLER INC. is the synergy of singer Francis Soto (ex Subway, Wicked Sensation, Infinity’s Call), guitarist Olli Fuhlhage (ex Mob Rules), the exceptional Slovenian guitarist Tilen Sapac, bassist Ingmar Viertel (part of “Steamhammer and Decadent ” UDO) and drummer Charly Agüero (Tristemente Célebres) – all experienced musicians from the melodic hard rock field.
And that is the music rock style they deliver on their new album “Welcome To The Show“; the sound of the 80s into the new millennium with a bright, crisp production and burning guitar riffs, catchy melodies, and a thunderous rhythmic section – all highlighted by the unique voice of Soto.
”Welcome To The Show” was mixed and mastered by Kane Churko (Ozzy Osbourne), and features guest musicians such as Gianbattista Jan Manenti (The Unity), Corvin Bahn (Crystal Breed) and Mennana Ennaoui.


01 – The Face I Reflect
02 – Die Young
03 – Rain Song
04 – Broken
05 – We Stay United
06 – Revolution
07 – Sad Wings Of An Angel (feat Mennana Ennaoui)
08 – Welcome To The Show
09 – Seven Seas
10 – Crying With The Wolves

Francis Soto (vocals)
Olli Fuhlhage (guitar)
Tilen Sapac (guitar)
Ingmar Viertel (bass)
Charly Agüero (drums)
Mennana Ennaoui (vocals on 7)
Gianbattista Jan Manenti (backing vocals on 2, 4, 6, 8)
Corvin Bahn (keyboards)


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