YES – Yessingles (2023)

YES - Yessingles (2023) - full

Since its inception in the late 1960s, YES has consistently pushed the boundaries of rock music, carving a path into new and uncharted sonic landscapes. Rhino is introducing a new collection that feature rare single versions of the band’s biggest hits.
Yessingles” boasts new artwork created exclusively for the album and features 12 songs that have resonated with generations of devoted fans in single versions, edits, remixes, and promo-only. ”Yessingles” moves chronologically through the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s career, starting in 1971 with the group’s first Top 40 hit, “Your Move,” and ending in 1984 with its smash, “Leave It.” In between, ”Yessingles” touches on the band’s different eras, ranging from intricate prog-rock tapestries like “Starship Trooper” and “America” to the unforgettable soundscape of its chart-topping sensation, “Owner Of A Lonely Heart.”
“Yessingles” is not only for YES fans, but general, casual listeners as all these tracks are presented here in a ‘song format’.
Highly Recommended


01. Your Move (Single Version)
02. Starship Trooper: Life Seeker (Single Version)
03. Roundabout (Single Version)
04. America (Single Edit)
05. And You and I (Part One) (Promo Radio Edit)
06. Soon (Single Edit)
07. Sound Chaser (Single Edit)
08. Wonderous Stories (Single Version)
09. Don’t Kill the Whale (Single Version)
10. Into the Lens (Single Version)
11. Owner of a Lonely Heart (Single Version)
12. Leave It (Single Remix)

Jon Anderson / lead vocals
Trevor Rabin / guitars, keyboards, vocals
Steve Howe / guitars
Chris Squire / bass, vocals
Rick Wakeman / keyboards
Patrick Moraz / keyboards
Geoff Downes / keyboards
Tony Kaye / keyboards
Trevor Horn / lead vocals, fretless bass
Bill Bruford / drums & percussion
Alan White / drums & percussion


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