WIZZARD – Singles & Demos from the 80’s (2023)

WIZZARD - Singles & Demos from the 80’s (2023) - full

Ah, Sweden and their very obscure (and good) ’80s bands… They all seem to deliver something new to the table. WIZZARD was a short lived and unknown band who only released an exceptional 2-sided single in 1986, later another in 1987 with the same line up but under the name CHARITY. After that, they split, although all members continued with other bands.
Today, lead singer Matti Norlin is releasing ”Singles & Demos from the 80’s”, the two professionally recorded singles by the band plus some demos and unreleased stuff. At the time of the recording of their single ‘Ninya Warrior’ (w/ ‘Suzie’ on side B) vocalist Norlin was only 13 years (!) old. But he delivers the goods.
Formed in 1984, WIZZARD sound and style was Scandinavian melodic hard rock / AOR in the vein of Europe, Treat, etc, plenty of melody and parping keyboards / synths – just listen the track ‘Killer On The Loose’, pure ’80s keyboard-driven heaven.

Right from the bat on the song ‘Ninya Warrior’ we notice a very powerful riff being introduced along with the beautiful sounds of that classic keyboards. Vocals are exactly what we would expect from any melodic singer – Matti Norlin was a almost a kid, but he already knew all the tricks. A true inspiration for any aspiring vocalist. The guitar solo in this track is absolutely mesmerizing, as the keyboards and rhythm section are able to engross the main melody in different variations, and it all turns out quite magical.
Highly Recommended


01 – Ninya Warrior (single, 1986)
02 – Stormchild (Wizzard version 1986)
03 – Killer On The Loose (Wizzard version 1986)
04 – Two Of A Kind (pre-Charity, studio version ‘87)
05 – In My Dreams (pre-Charity, studio ‘87)
06 – Suzie (single, 1986)
07 – Suicide (Wizzard unreleased demo 1985)
08 – Heartbreaker (Wizzard unreleased live 1986)
09 – In My Dreams (as Charity, new mix single 1987)
10 – Two Of A Kind (as Charity, new mix single 1987)

Matti Norlin – Vocals, Guitar
Hans-Erik Jansson – Guitar
Esikil Rönnberg – Bass
Michael Hellberg – Drums
Mikael Rönnberg – Keyboards



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