TOMMY J – A Tribute to the Moore (2023) *HQ*

TOMMY J - A Tribute to the Moore (2023) *HQ* - full

Sabaton guitarist / Majestica frontman Tommy Johansson – known as TOMMY J – has released ”A Tribute To The Moore”, dedicated to music and guitar legend Gary Moore. It is a compilation of covers Johansson has shared via YouTube over the past two years, where fans have been treated to this musical feast.
TOMMY J not only is a terrific guitarist, but a great singer as well, and he nails everything of Gary’s magic. Tommy’s inspiration to start play guitar was Gary Moore, so he knows every lick. He even uses a Fender Gary Moore replica on some songs.
The versions covered here are from Moore ’80s hard rock albums, gems like ‘Over the Hills and Far Away’, ‘Wild Frontier’, ‘The Loner’, ‘Out in the Fields’ awesomely recorded. TOMMY J performs all instruments, and while the drums are programmed, he used ‘real drum’ samples with a ‘hard rock’ sound and all sound great.
Chris Davidsson (Therion) duets with Tommy on ‘Murder in the Skies’, and both rock.
You’ll love this!



1 – Over the Hills and Far Away
2 – Wild Frontier
3 – Nuclear Attack
4 – The Loner
5 – Out in the Fields
6 – Murder in the Skies – ft. Chris Davidsson (Therion)
7 – Thunder Rising
8 – Running from the Storm
9 – After the War
10 – Empty Rooms
11 – Emerald

Tommy Johansson – lead vocals, all instruments
Chris Davidsson – guest vocals, bass


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  1. Katarina Stene says:

    I must say….. It`s the best dedication for my favorite musician Gary Moore – ever. I want this album in CD. This is the absolutely like it`s suppouse to be.

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