LILLIAN AXE – The Box Vol. 1: Resurrection [Box Set] (2023)

LILLIAN AXE - The Box Vol. 1: Resurrection [Box Set] (2023) - full

Cherry Red Records / Global Rock are about to release ”The Box Vol. 1: Resurrection”, the definitive LILLIAN AXE collection documenting the first part of the band’s career, covering their studio and live releases 1992-2009 from the classic albums ‘Poetic Justice’ and ‘Psychoschizophrenia’ right up until the fan favourite ‘Sad Day On Planet Earth’.
The set features an enormous amount of previously unreleased recordings, including many demos from 1989’s seminal ‘Love & War’ – including several never before heard compositions. Also included is guitarist and band leader Steve Blaze’s hard to find solo album from 2004 ‘Random Acts Of Blindness’.

Steve Blaze: “We are thrilled to have a this, the first two part series of box sets filled with lots of extra tracks, consisting of live recordings and demos. It’s wonderful to see the development of songs from their infancy to the finality and to share them with our friends.
Having these albums grouped together like this is a unique perspective of the “Lillian Axe Neverending Journey“.


Poetic Justice (1992)
1 Poetic Justice
2 Innocence
3 True Believer
4 Body Double
5 See You Someday
6 Living In The Grey
7 Digital Dreams
8 Dyin To Live
9 Mercy
10 The Promised Land
11 No Matter What
12 She’s My Salvation
13 A Moment Of Reflection
14 Here Is Christmas (B-Side)
Bonus Tracks:
15 She Likes It On Top (Demo 1989)
16 Diana (Demo 1989)
17 All’s Fair In Love And War (Demo 1989)
18 Down On You (Demo 1989)
19 Fools Paradise (Demo 1989)
20 The World Stopped Turning (Demo 1989)


Psychoschizophrenia (1993)
1 Cruefield
2 Deep Freeze
3 Moonlight In Your Blood
4 Stop The Hate
5 Sign Of The Times
6 The Needle And Your Pain
7 Those Who Pray
8 Voices In My Walls
9 Now You Know
10 Deep Blue Shadows
11 The Day I Met You
12 Psychoschizophrenia
Bonus Tracks:
13 The Last Goodbye (Previously Unreleased ’89)
14 Perfect Blue (Previously Unreleased ’89)
15 Anna Lee (Previously Unreleased)
16 Only You (Previously Unreleased)
17 Restitution For The Black Sheep (Previously Unreleased)


Live 2002 (Disc One)
1 Misery Loves Company
2 All’s Fair In Love & War
3 Innocence
4 The World Stopped Turning
5 Letters In The Rain
6 Waiting In The Dark
7 Deepfreeze
8 Pullin The Rats Out
9 Ghost Of Winter
10 Fool’s Paradise
11 Crucified
12 Nobody Knows
13 Sign Of The Times
14 Mercy
15 Show A Little Love
16 The Day I Met You


Live 2002 (Disc Two)
1 Voices In My Walls
2 Those Who Prey
3 Dream Of A Lifetime
4 Become A Monster
5 True Believer
Bonus Tracks:
6 No Matter What (Acoustic)
7 True Believer (Acoustic)
8 Fear Of Time (Demo)
9 Until The End Of The World (Demo)
10 Divine (Demo)
11 I Have To Die, Goodbye (Demo)
12 The Fields Of Yesterday (Demo)
13 Quarantine (Demo)
14 Kill Me Again (Demo)


Waters Rising (2007)
1 Waters Rising
2 Antarctica
3 Become A Monster
4 Quarantine
5 I Have To Die, Goodbye
6 Fear Of Time
7 Until The End Of The World
8 Fields Of Yesterday
9 Thirst
10 The 2nd Of May
11 Deep In The Black
12 5
Bonus Tracks:
13 2nd Of May (Demo)
14 Deep In The Black (Demo)


Sad Day On Planet Earth (2009)
1 Cocoon
2 Megaslowfade
3 Jesus Wept
4 Ignite
5 The Grand Scale Of Finality
6 Sad Day On Planet Earth
7 Hibernate
8 Within Your Reach
9 Down Below The Ocean
10 Blood Raining Down On Her Wings
11 Cold Day In Hell
12 Nocturnal Symphony
13 Divine
14 Kill Me Again
15 Fire, Blood, The Earth And Sea
Bonus Track:
16 She Likes It On Top (Acoustic 1992)


Steve Blaze – Random Acts Of Blindness (2004)
1 Dance Of The Dead
2 5
3 One Sad Sunday
4 Bridge Of Azaleas
5 Act Of Contrition
6 Odd Fellows Rest
7 Thought Patterns
8 Until Then
9 Fleeting Sympathy
10 The Guardian Song
11 Winter In New England
12 The Silver Lining
13 Floating In A Celestial Memory
14 Release
Lillian Axe Bonus Tracks:
15 Dyin’ To Live (Acoustic 1992)
16 Ghost Of Winter (Acoustic 1992)
17 The Promised Land (Acoustic 1992)
18 Nobody Knows (Acoustic 1992)
19 Livin’ In The Grey (Acoustic 1992)


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