THE REDSHIFT EMPIRE – New Horizons (2023)

THE REDSHIFT EMPIRE - New Horizons (2023) - full

Founded in 2015 under the name ‘Redshift’, this quintet quickly performed all over Europe their blend of classic hard rock sharing stages with renowned acts. The group then recorded debut album album in 2018, self-relesed via their own label.
However a couple of years ago the idea to modernize their sound arouse and for this new chapter of the band the musicians decided to take a turn and adopt the name THE REDSHIFT EMPIRE. The result is their new album properly titled “New Horizons“, some kind of a concept lyrically conceived around ‘outer space’ stories, but most importantly, a new ‘concept’ musically.
While on “New Horizons” still we can hear classic hard rock overtones and a few traditional metal touches, what takes another dimension is the band’s sound: bombastic production similar to the new wave of Scandinavian melodic hard rock.
Some songs, especially the ones with a more melodic nature, brings to mind Eclipse, Dynazty, even some H.E.A.T with its huge delivery and catchiness, but the guys spice that with some twin guitar riffs akin modern day Iron Maiden, plus a dash of current American modern rock. And the final mixture comes out really interesting.

‘Ignition’ opens the album with a bang serving crushing drums and melodic heavy guitars, then a verse with very modern phrasing, a hyper melodic pre-chorus and a biting chorus, a song designed for big arenas. Lead singer Thibault Ropers possesses a clear tone, with good power when the song needs emphasis, and ability to hold the notes. There’s a break just before the nice solo which proves the piece was obviously written for live performance.

‘Hyperspace’ track goes from a biting intro to a big melody in a few seconds. A varied track with melody. ‘Asteroids’ alternates punchy rhythms and cool arpeggios which highlight a melody culminating in a 200% anthemic chorus. You’ll notice how cleverly the band uses twin guitars.
We find the intro of ‘The Wanderer’ reminiscent, but slower, of that of ‘Fire Down Under’ by RIOT. This should be one of the more elaborated track on the album with several shifts and an explosive solo.

‘Rocket Roll’, as title suggests, it’s pure rock, more exactly US modern rock, but in super catchiness mode activated with the ho-ho-ho of the choirs which sound pretty ’80s with updated production. ‘A Million Suns’ is more instant rockin’, simple, and effective.
‘No Way Back’ is a very rhythmic piece with a rambling bass, a song loaded with positive energy making you want to jump from the start. While the melodic chorus drops a little the intensity of the track, the song works fine as a whole.
The band goes full blast on a ‘Planet III’ in the form of a cavalcade of riffs spiced with a mysterious filtered voice.

‘The Message’ is beautiful from the very atmospheric, soft first notes. After this superb beginning, the title takes off majestically, returns to its base, sets off again towards lyrical skies illuminated by a deep solo. Strong track. Closing number ‘Beyond The Void’ begins as a dark ballad and quickly takes on character until the sumptuous instrumental passage at 3rd minute. There’s busy arrangements, but the song remains accessible.

THE REDSHIFT EMPIRE is a more than interesting band, on “New Horizons” mixing different hard rock styles with ease, and works most the time.
There’s a solid level of musicianship and vocal performances, quality solos, the agility of the rhythms and the compositions that showcase attention to detail. Same with the polished huge production, rounding up a CD from a band that tries to deliver something different. A group to keep an eye on.
Highly Recommended


01 – Ignition
02 – Hyperspace
03 – Asteroids
04 – The Wanderer
05 – Rocket Roll
06 – A Million Suns
07 – No Way Back
08 – Planet III
09 – The Message
10 – Beyond The Void

Thibault Ropers (lead vocals)
Thibault Lévêque (drums)
Clément Moreau (guitar, backing vocals)
Victor Pinty (guitar, backing vocals),
Ali Mussard, Kornich Bournizien (bass)



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