TYGERS OF PAN TANG – Tygers Sessions: The First Wave (2015)

TYGERS OF PAN TANG - Tygers Sessions: The First Wave (2015) - full

Truth be told, one rarely know what to expect when bands embark on re-recordings nostalgia trips. Naturally, there a good chance that die-hard fans will not be pleased to hear anyone messing with material that is rightfully nurturing something of a cult status.
On “Tygers Sessions: The First Wave“, NWOBHM legends TYGERS OF PAN TANG revisit the past – and emerge on the winning side pushing all uncertainties out of the way with epic grandeur.
The set, an assemblage of “The Wildcat Sessions” and “The Spellbound Sessions” (both of which were originally available through the band’s fan-club and website only), consciously evokes that unrepentant heavy metal spirit, recreating and embellishing its primal urges alongside a band as tight as a very tight thing indeed.
Which quickly brings us to Jacopo Meille, a vocalist extraordinaire well capable of cushioning gems with decor that is both refreshing and inspirational.

Jacopo’s prowess in this genre is wholly in evidence on the opening steamroller “Euthanasia”. Moreover, if you still think you’re in for a polished-up trip through memory lane, here comes “Slave to Freedom” smacking you in the head with a growing taste for everything seedy. Yes indeed, “Gangland” with your revved-up velocity and razor sharp guitar riff; you too fit that description perfectly.

It’s an album packed with traditional heavy metal luxuries. Numbers like “Tyger Bay” and “Hellbound” are lusty cuts imbued with orthodox metal swagger and are inclined to creep up on you. Standing in the other corner, “Mirror” is a slow-burning pearl playing on Meille’s strengths as a vocalist.

Heartfelt and impressive, “Tygers Sessions: The First Wave” is a treat for all those familiar with Tygers’ inheritance, and an intriguing introduction those all those who ain’t. A limited edition CD pretty hard to find.
Highly Recommended


01 – Euthanasia
02 – Slave to Freedom
03 – Suzie Smiled
04 – Don’t Touch Me There
05 – Wild Catz
06 – Gangland
07 – Take It
08 – Hellbound
09 – Mirror
10 – Tyger Bay
11 – Don’t Stop By

Guitar – Dean Robertson, Robb Weir
Vocals – Jack Jacopo Meille
Bass – Brian West
Drums – Graig Ellis


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