BRIAN BARNHOUSE – Confessions (2023) *0dayrox Exclusive*

BRIAN BARNHOUSE - Confessions (2023) *0dayrox Exclusive* - full

American musician / songwriter BRIAN BARNHOUSE already pleased us with his previous albums influenced by the Melodic Rock sound from the ’80s by the likes of RICK SPRINGFIELD, CHEAP TRICK, BON JOVI, and even with some THIN LIZZY melodius side touches.
The history of Nebraska born Brian Barnhouse goes back to the early ’90s when he was a member of hard rock bands like Rayze and Mother Tung, which played a style considered old-fashioned during the depressive grunge years. Barnhouse recorded a couple of demos, but the industry wasn’t interested in this type of music at the moment. After a hiatus of almost 15 years he released by himself his first solo album in 2014 produced by AXE mastermind Bobby Barth.
Now 2023 BARNHOUSE is releasing today his new album ”Confessions”, featured in exclusive at 0dayrox. This is his 5th solo album, co-produced by himself and talented Matt Bissonette. In fact, the former DAVID LEE ROTH rhythm section of Matt & Gregg Bissonette play all over the album, also co-writing a couple of tracks.
This 10-tracker sound million bucks despite being an indie, and the songs are pure Melodic Rock / AOR gold with a late 80s / early 90s vibe yet an updated sound. There’s a mature songwriting, free from the typical cliches.

“You freak me out” starts off the album driven by a neat riff cojuring Hard / AOR elements. Brian vocals are strong, with echoes of ROBERT TEPPER, while the Bissonette bros provide a solid base.
Then “Times have changed” has a certain THIN LIZZY feel at the beginning with that guitar style, with Brian performance taking Phil Lynnot’s as reference. It’s a melodic, ’70s style clean rocker with an air of folk / rock that the great Phil used to dazzle us with.

“Hard to let you go” brings to mind recent TONY MITCHELL material, Brian delivering a vocal depth close to the melodic thickness of KIP WINGER. Barnhouse confesses himself to be a RICK SPRINGFIELD admirer and nails it in “It really don’t matter”. The Bisonette bros recorded with Springfield, and add even more similarity.
Brian’s love for good American Rock and BON JOVI is demonstrated by composing a song like “Brand New Day”. Those spaces breathed and sung like Jon Bongiovi are authentic and very cowboyish, then the chorus gets drama akin MEAT LOAF. Very good song.

Guitars again feel little Thin Lizzy-esque on “I don’t know, maybe so”, also the vocals, melodic and pretty retro. Is there a shadow of STAN BUSH & Barrage on “All I do anymore”? Oh yeah, love this song, absolutely ’80s, and add a pinch of JEFF PARIS too.
Barnhouse mixes various tonalities in his voice, and in “Want you anyways” he put the performance between Dave Meniketti and Kane Roberts. Again, an ’80s action-movie soundtrack feeling appears on this track, and Robert Tepper would be proud of it.

More variation appears during “Who are you running from”, a midtempo AORish song with Eighties city lights all over, Brian voice bringing to mind John Payne at places, and there’s a great guitar solo. It’s a song that ’80s fans will adore.
Closer “When the storm come” is a showcase for Matt Bissonette’s bass and Gregg’s drums. Since the beginning they provide the smooth rhythmic foundation for this atmospheric midpaced AOR tune, again with a strong guitar work and Brian’s passionate vocals.

The only thing we don’t like from “Confessions” is the cover artwork. It may push away some listeners, and believe us, if you like classy ’80s Melodic Rock, AOR, power pop and some classic rock from the ’70s, Brian Barnhouse has created an album here which is a pure delight.
Easily his best, Brian Barnhouse “Confessions” is one of the best indie releases of the year.
Highly Recommended

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01 – You Freak Me Out
02 – Times Have Changed
03 – Hard To Let You Go
04 – It Really Don’t Matter
05 – Brand New Day
06 – I Don’t Know, Maybe So
07 – All I Do Anymore
08 – Want You Anyways
09 – Who Are You Running From
10 – When The Storms Come

Matt Bissonette: Bass, Keys, Backing Vocals
Gregg Bissonette: Drums
Kurt Griffey: Guitars
Cory DeFrain: 1st gtr solo on “Hard To Let You Go”
Brian Barnhouse: Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitars, Keys



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