BRIAN BARNHOUSE – The Same Ride (2022)

BRIAN BARNHOUSE - The Same Ride (2022) - full

After featuring in exclusive the new BRIAN BARNHOUSE, a few of you asked for his previous album released less than a year ago titled “The Same Ride“. In fact many of the tracks on this album have the same production design as talented Matt Bissonette already started to work with Barnhouse here, co-producing, co-writing, and playing bass, keyboards and providing harmony vocals.
Several of the songs feature the double lead guitar playing which was one of the things that appealed to us on the last 2023 album ‘Confessions’, kinda Thin Lizzy yet turned contemporary Melodic Rock. Again he has delivered a selection of songs with strong and catchy melodies running throughout them all.

With a good range of tempos which give the album plenty of balance songs like ‘Dream Maker’, ‘The Same Ride’, ‘Let’s Make Our Escape’, ‘Standing Here’, this record is sure to please aficionados of well crafted American rock, with some early ’90s Jon Bon Jovi solo on it.
Putting together the steady rhythms, proficient guitar work, and wonderful vocal harmonies, the combination becomes quite potent. This man definitely knows how to sing a timeless tune.
The only thing Brian need to improve is his album’s artwork, otherwise everything here is highly enjoyable.


01 – Dream Maker
02 – I Hear Her Calling
03 – The Same Ride
04 – Looking for You
05 – Please Hold On
06 – Let’s Make Our Escape
07 – Killed by Love
08 – Watching over You
09 – A Little While Longer
10 – Standing Here

Matt Bissonette: Bass, Keys, Backing Vocals
Jeff Johnson: Drums
Kurt Griffey: Guitars
Brian Barnhouse: Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitars, Keys



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