I.C. EYES – Faith In Colours ’88 [second CD pressing +3] *HQ*

I.C. EYES - Faith In Colours '88 [second CD pressing +3] *HQ* - full

For years a collector piece in the list of hard to find ’80s albums, Norwegians I.C. EYES 1988’s record “Faith In Colours” is regarded as one of the best Lite AOR releases from the era. In fact “Faith In Colours” takes the American / Canadian Hi-tech sound and adds a Scandinavian lite AOR flavor to the music, with rock&pop elegance.
Smooth lead vocals, floating keyboards & synths but not forgetting emphasis on guitars, and a clinical rhythm section are the core of this painstakingly produced record. The melodic sensibility runs all over the songs, avoiding the ‘cold’ delivery of some bands in this style / genre.
Think Out Loud, Avenue Talk, Idle Eyes, Twenty Twenty are bands to take reference for I.C. EYES comparison, even some Mr. Mister here and there.

When released “Faith In Colours” also appeared on CD, however there was a second pressing with a much better digital transfer. Due to physical limitation of the vinyl LP, the 3 extra tracks (12” Versions typical from the ’80s) only were available on this CD version.
A much sought after ’80s album.
Highly Recommended


01 – Won’t Give Up
02 – Set The Wheels In Motion
03 – Heavens Are
04 – In Summertime
05 – It’s You
06 – Move Yourself
07 – Faith In Colours
08 – Fear Of The Night
09 – Waiting For Darkness
10 – Wake Tomorrow
11 – The Crystal Ship
12 – Move Yourself (12” Version) [CD bonus track]
13 – Won’t Give Up (12” Version) [CD bonus track]
14 – Fear Of The Night (12” Version) [CD bonus track]

Ren Loa – vocals
Jesse Jorgensen – guitars
Remy Mellbi – bass, backing vocals
David Eriksen – keyboards, backing vocals
Tom Torjussen – drums


Out of print

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