JOE BAILEY – Splinters (2023)

JOE BAILEY - Splinters (2023) - full

What a pleasant surprise when you discover a great album. Nothing did we know until now about JOE BAILEY, this young musician and producer from the UK, but we really like the album he has released as a one-man army, since he plays all the guitars and bass, synths and even the drum programming. Of course he also does all the lead and backing vocals, the lyrics, the mixing and the mastering.
Titled “Splinters”, Bailey’s album doesn’t sounds cold as some records performed by a single musician, and one of the reasons is his experience in this matter; “Splinters” is Joe’s tenth album in less than a decade, and he is part of other  bands as well.
Bailey’s music is progressive rock, but with nerve and many other influences. I have metal in my blood, but if more prog rock sounded like this, I would like more prog rock. Personally we’d tag “Splinters” as progressive metal, but either way, Joe Bailey gets everything right, from the guitar tones to the vocals and lyrics to the excellent programming and the texture of the keys. Holy cow, that keys sometime sound vintage, at others, almost danceable.
A new infectious melody waits for you around every corner, and look out, it’s got a knife. No doubt, one of the indie prog releases of 2023.

I have to highlight the ability that Joe has to create great choruses and vocal melodies through all the album. The way he sings reminds me of Daniel Johns, from the band Silverchair, keeping a similar tone in all the songs but fitting perfectly into each composition and adding an interesting layer to the whole thing.
Additionally, his multi-tracked and aggressive guitar playing compliments Bailey’s powerful vocals used to deliver his strong lyrics with authority. Most songs spread a very interesting progression while keeps growing, surrounded by impressive orchestration arrangements, always rocking.

There are no real low points in this album, it’s a very personal approach to progressive, with rock, metal, all well thought.
Highly Recommended


01 – Full Frontal Eulogy
02 – Matricide
03 – I, Myself and Me
04 – The Long Haul
05 – I Am The Enemy
06 – SLUG
07 – Time is Killing Me
08 – Salt in Our Wounds
09 – No Man’s Land

Joe Bailey – All lead and backing vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, programming


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