CAMEL – Stationary Traveller (2023 Remastered & Expanded Edition)

CAMEL - Stationary Traveller (2023 Remastered & Expanded Edition) - full

Universal Music is reissuing CAMEL classic albums in remastered form. 1984’s “Stationary Traveller” is perhaps Camel’s most accessible record, with a very polished sound and some AORish waves. This “Stationary Traveller (2023 Remastered & Expanded Edition)” includes two bonus tracks, one of these being a clear proof of the album’s ’80s pedigree: a 12” Extended Version of the single ‘Pressure Points’.
By the time this album was released, Camel were very much Andy Latimer’s band. They (he) attempted to answer the perennial criticism of previous albums (other than “Snowgoose”!) that their vocals were their Achilles heel by getting Chris Rainbow (Alan Parsons Project) to take lead vocals on a couple of the tracks.
The result is an excellent album by any standards. Once again, we have one of Camel’s striking opening themes, with a brief but dramatic lead guitar piece instantly grabbing the listeners attention and setting the mood for the rest of album.
And there’s ”Cloak And Dagger Man”, one of our favorite AOR tracks from the ’80s.

Latimer uses his position as de facto leader to showcase his guitar prowess, particularly on the beautifully crafted title track and the stunning closer “Long goodbyes”. The latter is a real classic prog ballad, with a soaring guitar solo to finish.

As a whole, the album is generally lighter than the early Camel albums, leaning more towards Art Rock / pop-rock and even at times AOR. The wartime concept contributes to the continuity and completeness of the album, with tracks such as “Refugee” and “West Berlin” reflecting the days of the ‘cold war’ atmosphere.

Albums recorded at the time have a similar production and “Stationary Traveller” is no exception. Big snare sound, reverb, some electronic drums, keyboards / synths splashes, and rhythmic bass lines are typical for the Eighties.
“Stationary Traveller” is a fine, enjoyable progressive pop album, one of the better efforts of the band. Think Alan Parsons Project sound & style. Aside Parsons’ favorite Chris Rainbow, APP’s regulars David Paton (bass) and Mel Collins (sax) appear here as well.
Highly Recommended


01 – Pressure Points (Remastered 2023)
02 – Refugee (Remastered 2023)
03 – Vopos (Remastered 2023)
04 – Cloak And Dagger Man (Remastered 2023)
05 – Stationary Traveller (Remastered 2023)
06 – West Berlin (Remastered 2023)
07 – Fingertips (Remastered 2023)
08 – Missing (Remastered 2023)
09 – After Words (Remastered 2023)
10 – Long Goodbyes (Remastered 2023)
11 – In the Arms Of Waltzing Frauleins (Remastered 2023)
12 – Pressure Points (12″ Extended Version / Remastered 2023)

Andy Latimer – vocals, guitars, flute, piano, bass (2,5,6), synthesizers (Yamaha CS-80, Juno 60, PPG)
Ton Scherpenzeel – Korg organ, synths, piano, accordion (2)
Paul Burgess – percussion, drums
Chris Rainbow – vocals

Haydn Bendall / Fairlight (1,3,12) & PPG (8) synthesizers
Mel Collins / sax (7)
David Paton – bass (3,4), fretless bass (7,10)



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