KALAMITY KILLS (Jamie Rowe) – Kalamity Kills (2023) HQ *0dayrox Exclusive*

KALAMITY KILLS (Jamie Rowe) - Kalamity Kills (2023) HQ *0dayrox Exclusive* - full

KALAMITY KILLS is Guardian / AdrianGale vocalist Jamie Rowe‘s new band, where he has been working this last year. In his own words, the self-titled debut album “Kalamity Kills” would be a return to his hard rock roots, and at the same time, there would be a bit of modernity in this band. Both elements are true.
Musically, we find an album that returns to Jamie’s roots in 80s / 90s Hard Rock but at the same time teaches us about his influences with the updated rock sound he has been embracing for all these years.
This whole mix works perfectly and is decorated with great guitar solos and Jamie’s unmistakable raspy voice. Think a mix of Guardian’s hard rock with melody and Sixx:AM darkness.
Among KALAMITY KILLS originals there’s covers of great 80s tunes that originally appeared in movie soundtracks: an awesome updated version of the killer song ‘I Still Believe’ (The Lost Boys soundtrack), and the pop-rock gem ‘What’s On Your Mind?’ made famous by Information Society and featured in the American Psycho soundtrack. In the hands of Rowe both are terrific.

The two first opening tracks “Anthem” and “Dearest Enemy” raise the bar very high; both are heavy songs with excellent guitar solos and two great guests; Luke Easter (ex-Tourniquet) and Tony Palacios (Guardian) dropping a killer guitar solo.
“What’s in your Mind” is the Information Society cover. Jamie gives his “touch” in a duet with female vocalist Kiarelly Castillo (Conquer Divide), a melodic song metallized that works very well. With proper promotion, this could be a hit on the radio again.
“Dark Secrets” has a slightly dark and slow vibe and fits perfectly with the atmosphere of theatricality that Jamie wants to give to the album. And its obligatory swirling guitar solo. “The Chemistry of Meant to Be” feeds off the ’80s influence again yet with modern sounds, while “A.L.I.E.N.” is pretty commercial, with some Sixx:AM feeling.

“Hellfire Honey” is a short and effective which returns us to the hard rock of the first songs, very powerful and convincing. “Burn” takes up the darkness of “Dark Secrets” but the chorus is big, then “Sinners Welcome” is the perfect example of that mix between hard rock and Sixx:AM type of alternative heaviness, in one of the best songs on the album.

A ‘vampire atmosphere’ appears thanks to Rowe’s cover of ‘I Still Believe’ originally performed by Tim Cappello for The Lost Boys soundtrack, a cult 80s horror movie about… vampires. This song is an 80s favorite for everyone, and Rowe does a modern, updated take on this classic. A winner that worth this album alone.
Then we close with the beautiful religious ballad, the atmospheric “Amen” to showcase Rowe’s voice. There’s an extra; a dark, brooding take on the Christmas classic Jingle Bells, re-titled ‘Jingle Bells (SLAY!)’. Wow, you’ll be surprised by this killer version, heavy, bruising – darn good!

Jamie Rowe has released an honest album where he has shown which side he is on musically, and although it is not a 100% hard rock album in the traditional classic way, the addition of modern sound & production – Grammy winners JR McNeely did the mix and Brad Blackwood the mastering – makes “Kalamity Kills” even better, relevant.
This is a great work that, as we said, amalgamates diverse styles very well, something different and pretty innovative which gets better and better with every listen. It hits all cylinders.
One of the best debut albums of the year.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Anthem
02 – Dearest Enemy (Pressure)
03 – What’s On Your Mind? [feat. Kiarely Castillo] (American Psycho soundtrack)
04 – Dark Secrets
05 – The Chemistry Of Meant To Be
06 – A.L.I.E.N.
07 – Hellfire Honey
08 – Burn
09 – Sinners Welcome
10 – I Still Believe (The Lost Boys soundtrack cover)
11 – Amen
12 – Jingle Bells (SLAY!)

Jamie Rowe (Guardian) – vocals, guitar
Jamey Perrenot (Guardian) – guitar, bass, synths
Ray Luzier (KXM, Korn) – drums
Greg Upchurch (3 Doors Down) – drums
Ace Von Johnson (Faster Pussycat, L.A. Guns) – guitar
Julie Lauren Bullock (The Foxies) – vocals
Kiarelly Castillo (Conquer Divide) – vocals
Luke Easter (ex-Tourniquet) – vocals
Tony Palacios (Guardian) – guitar solos



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