KISS – Chikara [Japan only release / out of print]

KISS - Chikara [Japan only release / out of print] full

This rarity was requested by many; KISS Japanese-only release disc “Chikara“. Chikara (Japanese for “power”) was released on CD only in Japan in support of KISS’ 1988 Japanese tour.
The CD includes KISS classics, many with different mixes and a picture sleeve featuring each band member in the the letters of the KISS logo.

Exclusive to the Japanese market, the release of “Chikara” was limited to 100,000 copies and has long been out of print. One item of note is that this was the only official compact disc release of the extended 12″ single version of the classic “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” (also known as Dance Remix), until it was featured as B-side into the already now rare ‘Psycho Circus’ CDsingle in 1998.

KISS - Chikara [Japan only release / out of print] disc

“Chikara” is a great balls to the wall view of KISS through the ’80s. While it does feature 4 tracks from the ’70s – most notable the 8 minute Jim Burgess remix of “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” for the first time on CD – it focuses on the band’s earlier ’80s works before the hair metal / glam scene took a serious toll on their writing.

There’s as well interesting and collectible remixes of “Creatures of the Night” (Remix)”, “War Machine” (Remix), and “I Love It Loud” (Remix)”, which is not the same remix appeared into the ‘Smashes, Thrashes & Hits’ compilation.
As said, there were only 100,000 copies of this CD made, all out of print. If you are a collector and want to buy a used copy, beware of bootlegs: check the artwork – mostly poorly printed due to bad color alignment.

KISS - Chikara [Japan only release / out of print] back

Yeah, “Chikara” is just a compilation, but a very good one since it focuses mainly on KISS’ ‘Creatures Of The Night’ through ‘Asylum’ era. And the extended version of “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” alone makes this disc a must have for the true KISS fan.
A collectors piece. Highly Recommended


01 – Rock And Roll All Nite
02 – Detroit Rock City
03 – Love Gun
04 – I Was Made For Lovin’ You (extended version / remix)
05 – Creatures Of The Night (remix)
06 – I Love It Loud (remix)
07 – War Machine (remix)
08 – Lick It Up
09 – All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose
10 – Heaven’s On Fire
11 – Thrills In The Night
12 – Who Wants To Be Lonely
13 – Uh! All Night
14 – Tears Are Falling


Out Of Print

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