KISS – Smashes, Thrashes & Hits [Japan UHQCD / MQA / DSD remaster] *HQ EXCLUSIVE*

KISS - Smashes, Thrashes & Hits [Japan Hi-Res MQA-CD UHQCD / DSD remaster] *EXCLUSIVE* lossless full

As requested by many, here’s KISSSmashes, Thrashes & Hits” released as part of the ‘best of 2020 series’ made by Universal Music Japan on a High Resolution disc (MQA-CD + UHQCD) DSD master based on US original analog tape converted to 352.8kHz / 24bit.
At the time of its original release (1988) this was the fourth KISS hits album overall but the second released by the band in the United States (‘Killers’ and ‘Chikara’ were not released in America).
Of the 15 songs on the album, two were new compositions, and three were released after the band’s unmasking in 1983. The remaining 10 were all released during the band’s years in make-up, and most of them, ‘remixed 1988’, which generated some controversy.
It was 1988, and ‘gated reverb’ ruled. While some may hate how i.e. ‘Love Gun’, ‘Deuce’ or ‘Calling Dr. Love’ sound here (so Eightiesized), I really like it. And there was a reason for it…

The record label asked for some new songs to be included into ”Smashes, Thrashes & Hits”.
Both ”Let’s Put The X In Sex” and ”Rock Hard (You Make Me)” the 2 new tunes, and good ones, obviously written, arranged and produced with a 1987-1988 sound of the era.
There was a certain sound that was expected from drums around these years, so it was decided to remix the older tracks to at least try to match the sonic ideals of the time.

The trick here is that most producers will record snare drums using one microphone on the top and one on the bottom. Depending on taste these are then used in various amounts and, in some cases, compressed differently.
Here, the lower microphone—the one that will pick up the buzz and snap of the snare wires that give the snare drums its name—has been brought up in the mix, compressed a lot, and gotten a wonderful gated reverb.
You like it or not, but it’s definitely ’80s.

Then the vocals. Vocals are mixed higher (and drier) than the original album versions, the backing vocals are more defined so that individual voices can be heard, and most the guitar solos have a different panning.
Of course we love KISS original Seventies hits. But these ’80s remixed are very cool too. Oh, and we have here a beautiful re-recording of ‘Beth’ lead vocals performed by the late Eric Carr.

”Smashes, Thrashes & Hits [Japan Hi-Res MQA-CD UHQCD / DSD remaster 2020]” was released not so long ago, but it’s sold out.
exclusive at 0dayrox



01 Let’s Put The X In Sex [Previously unreleased]
02 Rock Hard (You Make Me) [Previously unreleased]
03 Love Gun [1988 remix]
04 Detroit Rock City [1988 remix]
05 I Love It Loud
06 Deuce [1988 remix]
07 Lick It Up
08 Heaven’s On Fire
09 Calling Dr. Love [1988 remix]
10 Strutter [1988 remix]
11 Beth (Eric Carr vocal)
12 Tears Are Falling
13 I Was Made For Lovin’ You
14 Rock And Roll All Night [1988 remix]
15 Shout It Out Loud [1988 remix]


sold out

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