CANNATA – Images Of Forever [AOR Heaven Classix remastered +2]

CANNATA - Images Of Forever [AOR Heaven Classix remastered +2] full

As requested, here’s Jeff Cannata’s first album under the CANNATA banner – and his most celebrated – titled “Images Of Forever“, fully remastered and released via the AOR Heaven Classix series, plus 2 bonus tracks.
“Images Of Forever”, the solo debut of former ArcAngel leader Jeff Cannata, was originally released in 1988 via the Carrere / CBS label. In following years the album turned into a real cult piece that fans were willing to pay a fortune for.
So this AOR Heaven Classix remastered reissue is more than welcomed, but it was sold quickly and few remaining copies are beign sold for £122 or more.

Every song on this record is a perfectly arranged masterpiece without any flaws. The nine original tracks live on multi-layered keyboards and synthesizers, Jeff Cannata s velvety soft voice and his amazing talent for creating beautiful melodies with a perfect balance between melancholy and dreaminess.
This first CANNATA album is the more ’80s sounding’ of all, mixing the polished AOR waves from the era, sweet melodic rock, Hi-tech, and slightly lite proggy touches, as on all Jeff’s works.

CANNATA - Images Of Forever [AOR Heaven Classix remastered +2] booklet

Best example of sond & style here is the legendary album opener ‘Fortune Teller’ that has become a real AOR classic and is included on this AOR Heaven Classix reissue in two different versions, the original album version and the extended version (which is NOT the ‘remix’ version available for digital purchase).

But to be fair, I have to point out that songs like the elegant ‘Sailing Ships’, the poppy ‘Middle Of The Night’, the dramatic ‘Long Distance’ or the keyboard driven title track ‘Images Of Forever’ have the same extraordinary class and magic as the opening track.

CANNATA - Images Of Forever [AOR Heaven Classix remastered +2]

Another favorite of mine, and perhaps the more ‘purest AOR’ track on offer here is ‘Will The Sky Begin To Fall’, plenty of strong guitar riffs and keyboard / synths runs
Beside the aforementioned extended version of Fortune Teller the reissue features another bonus track, ‘King Of Zanzibar’, from the same recording sessions. It goes without saying that this Classix reissue features detailed liner notes by Dave Reynolds and a superb remastered sound by Chris Lyne (Soul Doctor).
No doubt, Cannata’s ‘Images Of Forever’ is an essential album in your AOR / ’80s collection.


01 – Fortune Teller
02 – Hand In Hand
03 – Sailing Ships
04 – Break Away
05 – Middle Of The Night
06 – Will The Sky Begin To Fall
07 – Long Distance
08 – Images Of Forever
09 – Together
10 – Fortune Teller (Extended Version)
11 – King Of Zanzibar

James Christian: backing vocals, bass programming
Jeff Batter: bass, keyboards
Michael Soldan: keyboards, backing vocals
Scott Zito: lead guitar
Jay Johnson: lead guitar
Jeff Cannata: lead and backing vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass, drums



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