FAITH CIRCUS (feat. Chuck Wright, Ken Mary, Bruce Kulick) – Bum In The Sun (2024) *HQ*

FAITH CIRCUS (feat. Chuck Wright, Ken Mary, Bruce Kulick) - Bum In The Sun (2024) - lossless full

You’d expect a band as polished as FAITH CIRCUS and playing this kind of Melodic Hard Rock to come from Sweden, but instead, Faith Circus is a Norwegian band that draws on the influences from classic Euro acts but also big names from America.
This band from Bergen has been together for over two decades with founding members Marc Farrano (Vocals) and H.K. Rein (Guitar) at the core, got their albums released by Kivel Records, toured America (as well as Europe) and shared stages / opened for classic acts from the genre.
FAITH CIRCUS style was more AORish in the past, still very melodic but rock based as heard in their new album “Bum In The Sun“, a tittle that suggest feel-good rock n’ roll. And that’s what the Norwegians deliver here, some kind of a mix between Hagar-era Van Halen + Extreme minus the ‘funk’.

Farrano & Rein know that melodic hard rock foundation is everything, so for the recording of “Bum In The Sun” they hired mega-talented cats drummer Ken Mary (House Of Lords, Alice Cooper) and bass player Chuck Wright (Quiet Riot, House Of Lords, et all) performing on all tracks.
We can hear guest spots from Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal and Bruce Kulick on electric guitar solos as well!

On this new album, founder member singer Marc Farrano (who reminds me Jamie Rowe a lot) offers a tongue-in-cheek performance, adding even more sense to the album’s ‘let’s go to the beach’ overall feel.
“Bum In The Sun” is an entertaining melodic hard rock CD with that sound from the early ’90s, well written with nice melodies and fine performances from all involved.
Highly Recommended


01 – Wind Dancer
02 – Bum In The Sun
03 – Larger Than Life
04 – Seven Mountain High
05 – Shine Again
06 – Girl Next Door
07 – King Of The Hill
08 – A Little On The Side
09 – WhiteKnuckleRide
10 – Chain Me

Marc Farrano – Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
H.K. Rein – Guitar
Ken Mary – Drums
Chuck Wright – Bass
Kurt Vereecke, Jurgen Vitrier – Keyboards
Marcus Greenway – Rhythm & add. guitar
Camilla Nerdal – Backing Vocals
Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal – Guitar
Bruce Kulick – Guitar



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