MAGNUM – Here Comes The Rain (2024) *HQ*

MAGNUM - Here Comes The Rain (2024) *HQ* - full

There are few great bands on our planet that you can infallibly identify within the first few bars of one of their songs. Their unique melodic skill, their tasteful instrumentation, the right balance of depth and catchiness, and then of course that charismatic voice: MAGNUM are Magnum!
The same can be said of their latest studio album ‘Here Comes The Rain’, proving once again that classic hard rock music could hardly sound more compelling.
Sadly, ‘Here Comes The Rain’ is the final album with founding guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Tony Clarkin following his sudden death on 7 January 2024, few day before the release of ‘Here Comes The Rain’ next January 12.

Apart from MAGNUM’s typical trademarks, ‘Here Comes The Rain’ also holds a number of thoroughly pleasant surprises. “Blue Tango” is a real riff-rock number that makes you want to move your feet, while “The Seventh Darkness” is filled with awesome brass sections courtesy of guest musicians Chris “BeeBe” Aldridge (saxophone) and Nick Dewhurst (trumpet),which lend the song brilliance and shape.
“Here Comes The Rain” sees the MAGNUM lineup consisting of Catley, Clarkin, keyboardist Rick Benton, bassist Dennis Ward and drummer Lee Morris, once again succeed in creating an outstanding, colorful, varied and inspired new studio album.


01 – Run Into the Shadows
02 – Here Comes the Rain
03 – Some Kind of Treachery
04 – After the Silence
05 – Blue Tango
06 – The Day He Lied
07 – The Seventh Darkness
08 – Broken City
09 – I Wanna Live
10 – Borderline

Bob Catley (vocals)
Tony Clarkin (guitar) RIP
Rick Benton (keyboards)
Dennis Ward (bass)
Lee Morris (drums)


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3 Responses

  1. Antonio says:

    Tony Clarking – RIP

    We will always be grateful for making us enjoy so many good songs that, in my case, marked an indelible time in my life.

  2. melodified says:

    RIP Tony…Magnum 4 Life!

  3. One Heart says:

    Very kind words describing this album, given the circumstances. Being a massive Magnum fan I am saddened that time takes it’s toll on everyone, it clearly shows on this album. Would I buy this album? No. Will I listen to this album again, after I listened to it once? Also no. Rest in peace Mr.Clarkin, you magnificent six-stringed vigilante-man, thank you for all the amazing music through all these years.
    PS: Anyone know where to find a version of Vigilante with a higher volume? Yes, there’s a volume knob on my sound system, duuhhh, but all the versions I find are very low on volume and my phone’s volume is a whole another story than my sound system’s volume. Apparently there’s no remaster available…? I took a look at the individual tracks and the compression is all over the place, not sure what drugs Roger Taylor was on back in the day… If there ever was an album in need of a good remastering, it’s Vigilante.

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