THE RODS – Rattle The Cage (2024)

THE RODS - Rattle The Cage (2024) - full

Veteran metallers THE RODS have signed with Massacre Records. The band’s new studio album, titled “Rattle The Cage“. THE RODS are a storied heavy metal band that rocked their way through the ’80s with a powerful, raw energy that had fans and critics alike calling them “the American answer to NWOBHM”
Heavy, dark, deep, insightful and maybe even a bit more inciteful than ever before, “Rattle The Cage” is THE RODS at their incendiary best. Lyrically, they’ve taken a cue from vocalist and guitarist David “Rock” Feinstein’s cousin, Ronnie James Dio, providing the listener with a similar sense of hope and resiliency in the face of an ever-changing world.
Founding members Feinstein and drummer Carl Canedy are joined by new bassist Freddy Villano (QUIET RIOT, WIDOWMAKER), and the results are simply kick ass: the songs are rhythmically tighter, yet more musically unbound, the grooves heavier, and the melodies more dynamic.


01. Now And Forever
02. Wolves At The Door
03. Cry Out Loud
04. Rattle The Cage
05. Can’t Slow Down
06. Metal Highways
07. Hell Or High Water
08. Play It Loud
09. Shockwave
10. Hearts Of Steel

David “Rock” Feinstein – vocals, guitar
Carl Canedy – drums, pecussion, vocals
Freddy Villano – bass, vocals


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