RICK SPRINGFIELD – Songs For The End Of The World [Acoustic Version]

RICK SPRINGFIELD - Songs For The End Of The World [Acoustic Version] full

RICK SPRINGFIELD‘s album “Songs For The End Of The World” raised great positive reviews by the critic and was praised by fans as one of the best records of his career There were several editions each with different track list, bonus, and cover artwork, but few noticed that some months after its release, appeared a new version of the album completely recorded acoustically.
Songs for the End of the World – Acoustic Version” features all the tracks from the original regular release, yet re-recorded in a beautiful acoustic form, enhancing even more the pure nature of these songs.

On Songs For The End Of The World, Rick culled elements from his past work but keeping things firmly relevant with a fresh modern melodic rock sound, insanely catchy choruses and strong lyrics.
Indeed, these new songs have a vibrant pulse, more rocking than any other stuff he has released in the last twenty years.

RICK SPRINGFIELD - Songs For The End Of The World [Acoustic Version] inside

Here on “Songs For The End Of The World – Acoustic Version”, these tracks were re-worked acoustically, but none losing the nerve and power from the original ‘electric’ versions.
Producing a CD this great is quite a feat for a man in his ’60s who has been doing this for a long time. Rick still has the musical passion of a 20 year-old guy, plus, he’s moved with the times continuously, whilst still retaining his identity.
Amazing stuff

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01 – Wide Awake [Acoustic Version]
02 – Our Ship’s Sinking [Acoustic Version]
03 – I Hate Myself [Acoustic Version]
04 – You & Me [Acoustic Version]
05 – Gabriel [Acoustic Version]
06 – A Sign Of Life [Acoustic Version]
07 – My Last Heartbeat [Acoustic Version]
08 – Joshua [Acoustic Version]
09 – Love Screws Me Up [Acoustic Version]
10 – I Found You [Acoustic Version]
11 – Depravity [Acoustic Version]
12 – One Way Street [Acoustic Version]



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