SARASIN – Soul Shaker (2024)

SARASIN - Soul Shaker (2024) - full

Forged in the steel mills of gritty Hamilton, Ontario, SARASIN has been satisfying the palette of The Hammer’s Metalheads for 30+ years. As visionaries, they recorded their 1st indie EP in the 1980’s long before other bands realized it was possible. However unlike the fame seeking poser bands of that era they did it quite simply for their fans. Fans who are loyal to this day and could care less about viral videos and likes.
Whether playing a dingy local bar or on the stage of a concert hall, the throttle is always fully open. Unpretentious persistence has kept this band driving forward with their heads down simply doing what they love, smashing their fans in the face with hard hitting, pulse driving Melodic Metal & Hard Rock.
​”Soul Shaker” is SARASIN new self-managed CD, but if you think that diminish its quality, you better listen to these punchy, crunchy, crisp-produced collection of songs. At places hard rockin’ groovy at others classic melodic metal, SARASIN are second to none.


01 – Save Her
02 – Death Heist
03 – Taken Lives
04 – As I Am
05 – Soul Shaker
06 – Honest Youth
07 – Landmine
08 – Reincarnation

Fabian Bortolotto – Vocals
Greg Boileau – Guitar
Roger Banks – Drums & Percussion
Les Wheeler – Bass


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