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Sometimes a band offers exactly what you want. One glance at “Night Stealer” by SAVAGED gave me all I needed to choose it from the promo dump. A roaring space panther scratching a moon in front of an exploding planet? This is exactly the volume-upping, beer-downing, old man-moshing palate cleanser that I needed now.
Do you miss that early ’80s NWOBHM sharp guitar riffs, big vocals and fun lyrics? SAVAGED delivers, inspired by Tokyo Blade, Saxon, Demon, Praying Mantis, etc.
Opener “I Will Fight” quickly indicates the sort of album “Night Stealer” is. Begins with very little pretense, with rolling drums ramping straight into the first verse featuring an entertaining lead riff and wailing vocals. Savaged are, unsurprisingly for the style, oriented strongly around their riffs which are largely a satisfying blend of crunchy and groovy. The vocals move between higher wails and lower croons with a bluesy touch, with appropriate harmonization to beef up choruses. A speedy, shredding guitar solo also caps the first minute of the album.
I admire the immediacy of a band that squeezes these elements into direct songwriting. Savaged don’t make music designed to make you think; it’s designed to facilitate beer and moshing.

The opening minute of this album, and the overall style used, is what makes the second half of “I Will Fight,” and most other tracks, so surprising. This track continues for nearly 6 minutes with an extended instrumental passage after its second chorus. A fresh, shredding lead bleeds into a fresh, shredding solo before the music cuts back into a quiet, twinkling passage of synths. It’s only a tapping hi-hat and distant guitar whining that slowly brings the song back. This passage between choruses occupies nearly half the song, and it’s not the only song adopting this approach. It’s unexpected in what initially seems a very straightforward slab of 80s worship.
Admittedly, these extended passages give the band room to show off some instrumental creativity and songwriting dynamism. “Elm Street” boasts the best of them, developing its epic vocal hook with rhythmic “oohs” and “ahhs,” a cool chromatic lead, and a frantic solo.

Though the songs broadly fit into an ’80s blend of heavy metal & hard rock, “Knights of Metal” sounds particularly indebted to Iron Maiden who lend influence. And rounding out the sound, the production is pleasingly old-school – with that reverb in the mix.
Can you resist to a song titled ‘Tons of Leather’? I guess not. Marches with menace; it’s a rich and smouldering track I’d happily play alongside classic W.A.S.P. or Lizzy Borden.
Vocally, the tone of Jamie Killhead is a high one which soars above a sea of sizzling leads and scorching riffs. It’s certainly a fun heap of throwback metal, although there is a somewhat glammy edge on cuts like ‘Elm Street’, but the steel spine is a constant as are those fiery executions.

SAVAGED - Night Stealer - band members

Admittedly there are a lot of bands of this ilk around, and there have been for decades, but one can’t deny the energy this platter gives off.
Both ‘Knights Of Metal’ and ‘Money Sucks’ are hasty numbers led by Cristian Blade’s percussion, while ‘Running For Your Love (Tonight)’ is even faster, so one cannot overlook the exuberance here as the quartet zips through an array of vibrant songs led by those falsettos.
Yes, at times the album feels dated, but that’s its aim – just look at the moustaches on the band members!

You’ll hear plenty of early ’80 melodies / riffs and familiar segments unintentionally ripped with nostalgic chords, and that’s the comfort blanket here for what is essentially an enchanting if outmoded vehicle.
“Night Stealer” is fun, classic metal to have a good time.
Highly Recommended


1 – I Will Fight
2 – Tons of Leather
3 – Knights of Metal
4 – Welcome to…
5 – Elm Street
6 – Money Sucks
7 – Stealing the Night
8 – Running for your Love (tonight)

Jamie Killhead – vocals, guitar
Joan Grimalt – guitar, backing vocals
Aleix Coll – bass
Cristian Blade – drums, backing vocals



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