THOR – Ride Of The Iron Horse (2024)

THOR - Ride Of The Iron Horse (2024) - full

How do you celebrate a half-Century, 50-year milestone of metal mania? If you’re metal giant THOR, you release a new album that simultaneously looks forward and backward, celebrating the past and venturing into the uncharted future.
Ride The Iron Horse” puts Thor back in the saddle for another barnstorming metal cheesy-fun album that marks 5 decades of metal dominance for the veteran musician. Alongside new compositions such as the rousing ‘5-0 Let’s Go’, the defiant ‘Shields Up’ and the poignant ballad ‘No Time For Games’ are some unreleased gems from Thor’s early years in the late ‘70s through the ‘80s that complete the circle of this really entertaining album.


01 – Ride Of The Iron Horse
02 – Lightning Rod
03 – 5-0 Let’s Go
04 – Peace By Piece
05 – Unlock The Power
06 – No Time For Games
07 – Bring It On
08 – Flight Of The Striker (Unreleased 1987)
09 – Had It Been Another Day (Unreleased 1986)
10 – Watch Your Back (Unreleased 2002)
11 – Hit and Run (1979 Demo)
12 – 100% (1979 Demo)
13 – Shields Up
14 – Thunder On The Mountain (Bonus Track – Unreleased 1979)
15 – To The Extreme (Bonus Track – Unreleased 1999)


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