W.A.S.P. – The Last Command +7 [Madfish Music Remastered Digipak] (2019) + 0dayrox Extras *HQ*

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Officially licensed to UK label MadFish Music, here’s the stupendous remastered reissue of W.A.S.P. breakthrough second album 1985’s “The Last Command“. Housed in a deluxe Digipak, the reissue includes 7 bonus tracks; the two B-sides / Non album tracks from the band’s biggest singles, “Blind In Texas” and “Wild Child”, plus the killer 5-track ‘Live At The Lyceum 1984’.
Love the 8-page booklet featuring liner notes from renowned journalist Dom Lawson, all the lyrics and photos in a true Rock Candy fashion. 0dayrox always give you more, so as extras we added the ‘remixed radio versions’ of “Blind In Texas” and “Wild Child”, only available on vinyl.

With W.A.S.P.’s second album ‘The Last Command’, Blackie & cohorts made a slight move closer to the mainstream. Blackie Lawless gave the producer’s chair to Spencer Proffer who worked magic with Quiet Riot in 1983.
There was also a new drummer. W.A.S.P. said sayonara to Tony Richards and hit Japan with new guy Steve Riley, who today is best known for L.A. Guns. Riley’s pasty-white demeanor fit right in with W.A.S.P.’s horror rock fantasy.
This foursome (also featuring guitarists Chris Holmes and Randy Piper) became what many refer to as the “classic” lineup.

Each side of the original LP was top-loaded: “Wild Child” led off side one while “Blind in Texas” was used to ignite side two. This was a calculated move, ‘cos both were chosen as singles, and are two of the catchiest songs on the album.
The strategy worked as this album doubled the sales of W.A.S.P.’s first, and those two singles had a lot to do with it.
“Wild Child” in particular was proof that W.A.S.P. could write songs and not just iron riffs. With a bright incandescence, “Wild Child” found its way onto radio. It’s an early example of what Blackie Lawless can do when he gets everything right.

As for “Blind in Texas”? It was always more of a novelty, a chance for the crowd to yell along with Blackie. A cute ZZ Top cameo in the music video didn’t hurt their chances on the Power Hour, and even the staunchest critic must admit this is a blast of pure fun.

Delving into the deeper cuts, “Ballcrusher” is… a quaint love song, let’s say, with a metal chug and a cutting W.A.S.P. riff. Throw on one of those shouty W.A.S.P. choruses and you pretty much know how “Ballcrusher” goes!
Wealth is celebrated on “Fistful of Diamonds” which is the blueprint for all the anthemic W.A.S.P. rockers to follow. Steve Riley made his songwriting debut on “Jack Action”, a cool rocker.
On side one, however you will discover one real diamond which is the slow and ominous “Widowmaker”. This one too is a blueprint, for classic W.A.S.P. prowls like “The Headless Children”.

The band delivers a true 80s metal ballad in “Cries in the Night” It does have a strangely futuristic Iron Maiden-circa-1992 vibe, as if Steve Harris nicked this song for some of his own on Fear of the Dark.
Title track “The Last Command” is very simple and at the same time pure W.A.S.P., while “Running Wild in the Streets” sounds pretty much like Quiet Riot. Ask Spencer Proffer, but surely the similarity between the “all the way!” section and the “I want more!” part of “Scream and Shout” is not coincidence.
Closing The Last Command is “Sex Drive”, a typical mid-Eighties glam hard rock Californian rocker, fun enough and a product of its era.

The bonus tracks are juicy, as include the singles B-sides “Mississippi Queen” (a very cool Mountain cover), and “Savage”, a killer song that deserved a place into the main album. Who makes the decision to release it as an obscure B-side?
The rest of the bonus tracks are all recorded ‘Live At The Lyceum 1984’, and all W.A.S.P. classics: “Animal F@ck Like a Beast”, “I Wanna Be Somebody”, “Sleeping (In the Fire)”, “Hellion” and “On Your Knees” – all sounds like W.A.S.P. were formidable live. What a kick as live recording.

As extra we added the remixed versions of “Blind In Texas” and “Wild Child”, as far I know originally only done for Radio stations and not for sale. Collectors stuff.
Awesome remastered reissue by Madfish.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Wild Child
02 – Ballcrusher
03 – Fistful Of Diamonds
04 – Jack Action
05 – Widowmaker
06 – Blind In Texas
07 – Cries In The Night
08 – The Last Command
09 – Running Wild In The Streets
10 – Sex Drive
11 – Mississippi Queen [B-side]
12 – Savage [B-side]
13 – On Your Knees (Live At The Lyceum 1984)
14 – Hellion (Live At The Lyceum 1984)
15 – Sleeping (In The Fire) (Live At The Lyceum 1984)
16 – Animal (Fuck Like A Beast) (Live At The Lyceum 1984)
17 – I Wanna Be Somebody (Live At The Lyceum 1984)

18 – Blind In Texas (Steve Thompson Remix)
19 – Wild Child (Remix)

Blackie Lawless – lead vocals, bass
Chris Holmes – lead and rhythm guitars
Randy Piper – lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Steve Riley – drums, backing vocals
additional musicians;
Carlos Cavazo, Chuck Wright – additional vocals



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