DAMIEN – Stop This War ’89 [Lost Realm Records remaster +3] (2021) HQ *Exclusive*

DAMIEN - Stop This War '89 [Lost Realm Records remaster +3] (2021) HQ *Exclusive* - full

A few weeks ago we featured the debut album from of US metallers DAMIEN debut album, and now has been requested the band’s second effort, 1989’s “Stop This Warremastered and including 3 bonus tracks (limited to 500 copies and already sold-out).
U.S. Metal aficionados know well how the great state of Ohio was prolific in excellent bands for the genre. This 5-piece from Toledo belong to that elite by their own right. On ”Stop This War” the group perfected their 80s razor attack when it comes to heavy metal made in North America.

“Stop This War” born to be a classic US Metal album. Great rhythm, excellent performances, solid production, nice riffs, plenty of hooks, thick bass lines, catchy choruses, easy to follow lyrics and memorable tunes were all there.
Their music was a charming mixture of Judas Priest Screaming For Vengeance / Defenders Of The Faith -era, Leatherwolf, Armored Saint, Accept, and Metal Church that were popular in both side of the Atlantic at the time. We can hear Iron Maiden, Scorpions and UFO influences here and there too, but Damien filtered them and added a great amount of their personality to the final result.

From the opening riff you know that you are dealing with very good ’80s metal. And you just wanna bang your head and close your eyes and think you are into a live concert. I really love many songs coming from “Stop This War”.
Strong compositions such as the title track, “The Priest Are Coming”, “Riding The Dawn” and the single “Break Out” are made for live shows, while fans favourite “Matilda” that has this silly and naive chorus, still is a great song indeed.
Damien have the potential and the quality to use Wolf Mikelson’s voice with style without sounding as a poor mans Halford. His voice is stunning and fits like a glove to their compositions. “Stormwind” for instance has a mid-tempo groove that sticks to your mind; same for its gang style chorus.
“30 St. Claire” is a fine instrumental that gives a small break to the listener before the band explodes its final assault.

The ‘B side’ has the same power with the A’ side so the album keeps its balance and its, featuring excellent anthems such as ‘Warlord’, ‘Always In Lust’ and the closer “Corpse Grinder” that is increasing its fury and is probably the song that flirts more with NWOBHM than the rest that also have some a hint of the British movement but in smaller doses.
This reissue includes 3 pre-production tracks, songs that didn’t make it into the final track list, nice to heve ’em into the same package.

Damien tried hard to make it big but 90s was the time of the extreme, the experimental and the alternative. No room for traditional Priest-like Heavy Metal, no room for Heavy Metal Heroes… yet as times changes and everything turns around like an never stopping wheel, US Metal is once again popular and charming for younger audiences that now have the opportunity through the Lost Realm Records reissue to get in touch with some brilliant underground or forgotten gems of 80s ecstatic Heavy Metal.
Highly Recommended


01 – Stop This War
02 – Breakout
03 – Rising Dawn
04 – Matilda
05 – 30 St. Clair
06 – Stormwind
07 – Warlord
08 – Always In Lust
09 – The Priests Are Coming
10 – Corpse Grinder
11 – I Need To Roll
12 – Only The Strong
13 – No More Time

Lead Vocals – Randy “Wolf” Mikelson
Lead Guitar – Chuck Stohl
Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals – Fritz Adamshick
Bass – Kevin Kekes
Drums, Backing Vocals – Johnny Cappelletty
Remastered at Dynamic Mastering by Randy Wilson


Sold out

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