LEATHERWOLF – Leatherwolf 1 (aka Endangered Species) [Remastered +1] *Exclusive*

LEATHERWOLF - Leatherwolf 1 (aka Endangered Species) [Remastered +1] Out Of Print - full

The first 3 LEATHERWOLF albums are among the best ’80s US metal / edgy hard rock had to offer. One of you asked if these have been remastered, and the answer, after some investigation, is ‘yes’. The only remastered versions were done by the band themselves, sold via their own label Leatherwolf Records during the last decade, and available in limited quantities, now out of print.
This self-titled , 1984“Leatherwolf” is their first full length, a strong piece of classic US metal with melody.

Despite many assumed that a moniker like Leatherwolf could only offer lipstick blotting tips and Aqua Net ingredients as lyrics, at their origins this Californian five piece played classic metal with melody, in the US mold of the genre.
As confusing as this may sound, Leatherwolf’s first three recordings were all called “Leatherwolf”.
First, the band released a 5 track EP appeared in 1984 (Tropical Records). Then, the EP was expanded to a full LP and released as Leatherwolf in 1984-1985 on a few different labels – in Europe re-titled ‘Endangered Species’.
Finally, in 1987, Leatherwolf released an album of all new material on Island Records, also known as ‘Leatherwolf II’ to avoid confusion.

Leatherwolf were known for their muscular brand of US metal, whose sound is built around the highly touted “triple axe attack”. Leatherwolf’s excellent self-titled debut is heavy, but melodic and never short on hooks.
They combine the catchiness that much of the early 80’s California metal bands were known for, with a British heavy metal flare. The music itself is also slightly progressive, not unlike early Crimson Glory.

The triple axe attack is dynamic and no where more apparent than in the band’s eponymous titled song that finishes out side two of the record. Tying the wall of guitars together are the charismatic, smooth and aggressive vocals of Michael Oliveri.

“Spiter”, “Endangered Species”, “Kill and Kill Again”, “Leatherwolf” and “Season of the Witch” are kick-@ss, headbanging punchy numbers , while “Season of the Witch” and the title cut are just as heavy, yet considerably more intricate than anything released by a ‘metal’ band at the time in the US.
“Tonight’s the Night”, “Off the Track”, “and “The Hook” are more commercial, still heavy, sonically putting the band somewhere between the burgeoning thrash scene and the popular L.A. glam metal craze.

LEATHERWOLF - Leatherwolf 1 (aka Endangered Species) [Remastered +1] Out Of Print - back

Leatherwolf’s debut is a brilliant mix of traditional metal and melodic polish. This is American, ’80s ‘US Metal’ at it’s finest. Unfortunately for the band, they are one of the best kept secrets from the ’80s.
Yeah, Leatherwolf were quite unique: too much melodic for rabid metalheads, and too much edgy for glammy sleazy fans. Perhaps that’s the reason they never exploded into the scene, they were quite hard to classify.

However, musically, Leatherwolf is one of the most interesting acts from the ’80s US rock scene.
This remastered reissue by the band themselves, is an out of print collectors item including 1 bonus track not present on the original release.
Highly Recommended

0dayrox exclusive (thanks to Larking)


01 – Spiter
02 – Endangered Species
03 – Tonight’s The Night
04 – The Hook
05 – Season Of The Witch
06 – Off The Track
07 – Kill And Kill Again
08 – Vagrant
09 – Leatherwolf
10 – Alone In The Night (Bonus Track)

Michael Olivieri – Vocals, Guitars
Geoff Gayer – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Carey Howe – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Matt Hurich – Bass, Backing Vocals
Dean “Drum Machine” Roberts – Drums


Out Of Print / Deleted

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