SOMA – Headed for the Zeros (2021)

As requested, here’s a very good album recorded in 1996 but never released due to record company politics, which finally saw the light of day at the end of last year via Escape Music.
It turns out that guitarist Stephen DeAcutis and singer/drummer Ed Collins already had recorded an album which via Cinderella’s bass player Eric Brittingham landed in the hands of A&R guru John Kalodner from Geffen Records. He contacted Collins who by then had moved on and had started writing songs with guitarist/vocalist Doug Henthorn.
Kalodner liked their material as well and brought in famed producer Kevin Shirley (Rush, Journey) while the band that now was called SOMA decided to add DeAcutis in to the line-up together with bass player Mark Mathews.
SOMA recorded their first album “Headed for the Zeros” at the famous Rumbo Recorders (where ‘Appetite For Destruction’ was recorded) and designer Hugh Syme (Aerosmith, Rush, et all) was asked to do the album cover design.
Although all these big names were involved for whatever reason the album never saw a release and disappeared into a warehouse gathering dust. A shame, as this is a solid platter…