TRIUMPH – Greatest Hits Remixed (2010)

With a number of gold and platinum releases to their credit (a total of 8 certifications in Canada alone), Triumph sold over 10 million albums during their career.
Singles like “Hold On”, “Magic Power”,”Fight The Good Fight”, “Spellbound” and especially “Lay It On The Line” drove Triumph to arena rock success.

The fresh release of “Greatest Hits Remixed” bring to us the best collection of their classics.
This isn’t another cash-in GH.
These remixes / remasters has given a REAL new dimension to the songs, everything has more presence, with a sound that is more full than the previous versions.
It certainly helps that the originals were well-recorded, giving producer Rich Chycki (Aerosmith, Rush) a good palette of colors to work with in constructing the new mixes.
I was blown away at how good they sound, all of which boast unbelievable sonic clarity that is hard to believe, considering the time period that all of this stuff was recorded in.

Fans both new and old will have the opportunity to discover / re-discover TRIUMPH, with the all killer/no filler “Greatest Hits Remixed”.

01 – Allied Forces
02 – Lay It On The Line
03 – Follow Your Heart
04 – Magic Power
05 – I Live For The Weekend
06 – Hold On
07 – Just One Night
08 – Fight The Good Fight
09 – Spellbound
10 – Never Surrender
11 – When The Lights Go Down
12 – Somebody’s Out There
13 – Rock & Roll Machine
14 – Love Hurts (new track 2010)

Rik Emmett: guitar and vocals
Gil Moore: drums and vocals
Mike Levine: bass and keyboards

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  1. 0dayrock says:

    @ yadi:

    Click on the cover art…

  2. yadi says:

    iam looking for the Triumph Mp3 album, and found this…
    could you please give the link to download the file..?

  3. Anonymous says:

    hard road?


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