GOODBYE THRILL – Keepsakes (2010)

GOODBYE THRILL’s debut, self-titled release was a solid representation of everything you’ve come to love about late 80’s/ early 90’s rock bands… powerful hooks and harmonies, tight, toe-tapping melodies and BIG vocals.

Waiting for the forthcoming new album ‘Outrageous’, the band has released a collection of unreleased material and acoustic tunes, including a killer new remix of their hit ‘Rainy Days’ by the master Beau Hill.
Something sure to please fans of FIREHOUSE, DEF LEPPARD, BLACK N’ BLUE and alikes.

Excellent production (not demos).
If you like it, pre-order the new album plus this one and get the third half price automatically.


Note: this isn’t the shitty copy floating the net, with incorrect tracklist and no artwork.

1. Thats What We Stand For
2. Born Again
3. Give You Away
4. Rainy Days (Beau Hill Remixed Version)
5. Ticket To Paradise
6. Lazy
7. Fallen Heros
8. Dead To Me
9. Rainy Days
10. It’s Got To Be

Marc Ferreira (vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar)
Dean Cramer (guitar, acoustic guitar, background vocals)
Dario Seixas (bass, backing vocals)
Pete Eiselman (drums & percussion)

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  1. DEEMON says:

    super cd of brazilian guys dario seixas and marc ferreira.dario seixas ex.firehouse.

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  3. Anonymous says:


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