MAD MAX – Welcome America (2010)

MAD MAX, the legendary german band, returns with the brand new recording “Welcome America”.
The title was chosen, according to the booklet, in order to thank the American fans who received the Munich quartet so heartily on her first, long awaited U.S. visit in 2009 at the Rocklahoma festival.

Michael Voss is somehow an omnipresent person in the melodic rock scene, either as producer or musician.
He has given this album a typical eighties sound, with a modern update, not too far from the band’s last album.
It sounds clean and tight all round, a solid work on the cut line of Melodic Rock and Hard Rock.

The disc manage to help you have very good time only with their nice melodies without overacting at all. Simple tracks, sweet harmonies and some rockers for a nice easy listening time.
This is precisely the biggest plus of “Welcome America”: MAD MAX gives the listener a good, relaxed feeling. This is much more than most bands can claim.

01 – Welcome America
02 – Big Wheel
03 – Someone Not Me
04 – All I Ever Want
05 – Cherry Moon
06 – Pinky Promise
07 – Shape Of Your Heart
08 – Signs
09 – Awesome
10 – My Heart’s Been Waiting
11 – This Means Nothin’

Produced by Michael Voss

Michael Voss – lead vocals, electric & acoustic guitars
Juergen Breforth – electric & acoustic guitars
Roland Bergmann – bass, vocals
Hans In ‘T Zandt – drums

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  1. 0dayrock says:

    Downloaded by myself for testing.
    Working perfectly.
    Your dw must be corrupt, try again

  2. Anonymous says:

    track 11 is corrupted…

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