STAN BUSH – Dream The Dream (2010)

Stan Bush is more of a living legend, not only for his top class vocal skills, but also for his writing abilities.
Apart from his Emmy Award in 1997, his work that has appear on some major fims, and his singing in bands like Jefferson Starship and Alice Cooper, he has released more than 10 albums of high quality music.
So, this is his latest, the 11th, that shows once more, why this artist has such a successful career so far.

“Dream The Dream” is a solid rock diamond, full of touchy melodies, excellent music, and great vocal lines.
Mostly moving to AOR, there’s a lot songs here that could easily gain enough airplay on radio stations and become favorites amongst fans.

Let’s start with opening track ‘Never Hold Back’, which with its exceptionally catchy chorus would be a perfect candidate for a single.
Another highlight is ‘Two Hearts’, that was covered by C.I.T.A. on their ‘Relapse Of Reason’ album, and which is a great rock song with again a fantastic chorus.
‘Dream The Dream’ is in my opinion one of the best songs on the album, in which Stan lyric-wise expresses his well-known “you can achieve the impossible if you only believe” message.
I could go on and mention all songs on the record, because there is not one song to be found which stands out in a negative way.

Everything here is based on keyboard melodies, and the work that has been done by Holger Fath is very close to perfection.
Fath helped Stan create a true melodic rock gem.
An equal good job has also been done in the rhythm section as well;
drummer Matt Laug (ALICE COOPER, RICHARD MARX, EDDIE MONEY) and Matt Bissonette on bass guitar (RICK SPRINGFIELD, DAVID LEE ROTH etc), leading to an album that has almost no weak point at all.

If you are a fan of the artist, or a fan of AOR / Melodic Rock music in general, this is an album that you definitely want to listen to.

01 – Never Hold Back
02 – I’m Still Here
03 – Don’t Give Up On Love
04 – Two Hearts
05 – In My Life
06 – Love Is The Road
07 – If This Is All There Is
08 – Dream The Dream
09 – More Than A Miracle
10 – Your Time
11 – All That I Am
12 – Sam’s Theme (The Touch)

Stan Bush (vocals)
Holger Fath (guitars, keyboards)
Matt Bissonette (bass)
Matt Laug (drums)

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