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Swedish/German AOR/Rock band LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM is back with YES, a new album just issued in Japan, due to Europe and the rest of the world on January 21.
These guys can’t have any sparetime because it’s not long ago (earlier this year) their previous album ‘A Touch Of Heaven’ was released and now they already have a brand new album out.
Since LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM (like a lot of bands of this genre) don’t tour, or tour very little, and many have own recording studios, they focus all their energy in the songwriting department and recording.

But a few get such good results as LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM.
This band surpasses themselves with each album, and this isn’t the exception.
This time they have provided a selection of extremely melodic (more than ever), dreamy tunes that definitely reinforce their reputations.
Yes, “YES” is that good.

This japanese version opens with “I’ve Fallen Into You”, a guitar driven rocker, with a lot of feel and a good chorus, but they have done better before.
The only piano start of “The Sound Of A Heartbreak” provide a false start, because the song develops into a mysterious uptempo rock with a persistent sound effect which gives the track a unique sensation. Perhaps the most ‘elaborated’ track of the album. Very Good.
But the ‘real’ GREAT stuff of this album begins with “Another Night”. This is just a perfect tune, just… perfect.
From the smooth, sweet, toneful performance by Erlandsson to the warm, colorful arrangements and clever production (just check the drum mix, subtle in the background but carrying the pace of the song) this mid-tempo ballad is a gem. A future classic? Surely YES!
Next, “Fool’s Game”. Yes, it’s a cover of the classic song appeared in Michael Bolton’s ’83 debut. Originally a rocker, LAD has painted the song with a poppy-AOR palette, and the result is just marvelous.

“If I Could Change The World” is the first real ballad with awesome vocal harmonies and a bluesy heart (specially the guitars), but with the classic LAD style. Inspired by Queen? YES. Fantastic!
“To Be With You” ups the tempo into a classy european melodic rock with a catchy chorus, this kind of songs that LAD do so well. Excellent guitar solo on this one.
I love “Michelle Don’t Live Here No More”. Just love this style of songs. Acoustically filled, simple and generic, but lovely.
“In This Thing Too Deep” remembers me the earlier work by this band, a rocker with a strong rhythm and a powerful pre-chorus/main chorus. Melodic and effective.
“Still Standin’ Where Ya Left Me” has a fat guitar and a very nice structure, maybe lacks the presence of a more strong chorus, but it’s so melodic (like the whole album) that you’ll love it.

And now… the best track of all: “Kissin’ Goodbye My Tears”. YES, the Jeff Paris/Moon Calhoun song from the ‘Moon Over Paris’ demos. This tune is a cracker, a pure AOR gem very very well performed by Last Autumn’s Dream. Damn, I love those keyboards!
“Survivor” has the spirit of the mid-eighties european metal bands, but obviously over-washed to fit LAD standards. This one might sound weak but just give it a couple of listens and the track grabs you.
I am not completely convinced with the japanese bonus track “I Forgive You”, not bad, but to my ears sounds like a second hand TNT track.
Last song, the ballad “Alive”, has a deep bass line (Nally Pahlsson has done a remarkable job on this recording) and a moody, sad feel. Discover yourself why. Beautiful song.

“YES” is the best disc by LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM. Period.
This album will rank higher between next year’s best.
Dedicated to the memory of Marcel Jacob.


01 – I’ve Fallen Into You
02 – The Sound Of A Heartbreak
03 – Another Night
04 – Fool’s Game
05 – If I Could Change The World
06 – To Be With You
07 – Michelle Don’t Live Here No More
08 – In This Thing Too Deep
09 – Still Standin’ Where Ya Left Me
10 – Kissin’ Goodbye My Tears
11 – Survivor
12 – I Forgive You (Japan bonus track)
13 – Alive



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