LEGION (Phil Vincent) – ST (2010)

LEGION  Phil Vincent ST  2010

This band seems to have come out of nowhere, with their debut album published at the end of October and they are already causing enough of a stir to get a five album deal with an european label.
The principal songwriters are Wolverhampton based guitarist Vince O’Regan (Bob Catley / Eden / Pulse) and American vocalist Phil Vincent (Solo / D’ercole). Joining them to fill the band are Dianno rhythm section Gavin Cooper (Lionsheart) on bass and Steve Hopgood (Jagged Edge) on drums.
Vince O’Regan can write and perform various styles from the softest AOR to the heaviest metal, a very versatile and talented guitarist. Phil Vincent is prolific a singer / guitarist with many solo albums and sIde projects.

Legion are a Melodic Hard Rock band who are at the heavier end of the scale but still hugely melodic, they put me in mind of some of the harder Hair Metal bands from back in the day like most noticeably Dokken but they will also appeal to fans of the likes of Pretty Maids and the more edged melodic bands.
Phil Vincent’s vocal style has grown and he delivers a powerhouse performance throughout the album.
Vince has created a big full guitar sound plenty of big hard rocking riffs full of energy and head banging groove. This is a real return to form for Vince and he has delivered probably his best performances since Bob Catley’s excellent ‘When Empire’s Burn’ album.
The pounding and hard hitting rhythm section backbone provided by Cooper & Hopgood is perfect for this genre.

“Leave Me Alone” has a killer riff from Vince which will embed itself on your eardrums; the song has lots of power and energy. It has a big chorus with great lyric’s from Phil.
“Trouble” has another monster in your face guitar riff with a real rockin’ groove. A big memorable chorus which really puts me in mind of Dokken and will definitely get you head banging.
“Caught In The Madness” is a dark and brooding hard rocker with Phil’s vocal style blending effortlessly with Vince’s guitar work to form a really notable song.
“Coming For You” has a thumping rhythm section which gives the song some real bite. This probably has one of Phil’s finest vocal performances on the album and it has a killer chorus

Slow burning ballad “Someday” is very dark and some great intricate guitar playing from Vince makes the song shine.
“Never Be The Same” is instant and catchy as hell, if there was going to be a single this would be it. It has a fantastic riff and the song really grabs you with a great energy and flow which lead you to a big melodic chorus.
“Where Were You” has a big driving riff which surrounds some excellent guitar playing, most notably in the verses. That hook filled keyboard riff is unshakeable and delicious, coupled with a big shout it out loud chorus makes it a real winner.

“Too Late” has a great head banging riff, a full force rocker with another fantastic guitar performance from Vince.
“Deceiver” is a mid-tempo rocker which is very moody and atmospheric and Phil’s vocal’s fit perfectly with the vibe of the song.
“All The Way” has a strong catchy instant guitar riff. A big and melodic song which is very commercial. An absolutely fantastic song with great lyrics, hook filled guitars and killer melodic vocals.
Bonus track “Damage Done” is a mid-tempo rocker which see’s Phil’s vocals coming to the forefront again especially on the strong chorus.

“Legion” is a guitar lead melodic hard rock album with flavours of the past but with a firm ear to the future.
Strong vocals, a thunderous rhythm section, big riffs and choruses makes this album a winner with me and should impress and be enjoyed by everyone who likes good guitar driven melodic rock.
It’s an album full of power and energy, a thrill ride from beginning to end, a real hard rockin’ goodie.
I’m really looking forward to how this band progresses especially with album number two soon to be released.
Very Good.

01 – Leave Me Alone
02 – Trouble
03 – Caught In The Madness
04 – Coming For You
05 – Someday
06 – Do You Remember
07 – Where Were You
08 – Too Late
09 – Deceiver
10 – All The Way
11 – Damage Done (bonus track)

Guitars – Vince O’Regan (Bob Catley / Eden / Pulse)
Vocals, Keyboards – Phil Vincent
Bass – Gavin Cooper (Lionsheart)
Drums – Steve Hopgood (Jagged Edge)


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