TIGERTAILZ – Bezerk; Live… Burnin’ Fuel (2011)

TIGERTAILZ Bezerk Live Burnin’ Fuel

UK, Welsh rabble rousers TIGERTAILZ are back with their first new album in three years.
2010 saw the band touring and revisiting the crazy days of 1990 -celebrating the 20th anniversary of their breakthrough album ‘Bezerk’- playing the entire album in sequence, plus two surprises for the faithful.
The resulting live CD, recorded in Cardiff, Newcastle and Stockholm, is a two-pronged return, something that will both cement Tigertailz’ place in glam metal history, and act as a springboard for the band’s future.
It celebrates both the old – classics such as ‘Love Bomb Baby’, ‘Heaven’, ‘Noise Level Critical’ and ‘Sick Sex’ – along with the new, heavier twist that the more musically evolved band of today inevitably bring to the music.

This 12-song live set also gets to the flaming heart of how Tigertailz originally envisaged the songs on ‘Bezerk’ before studios and record companies took their pound of flesh.
That said, the birth of “Bezerk; Live…Burnin´” Fuel wasn’t always straightforward, as frontman Kim Hooker explains:
“We wanted to do something for the 20th anniversary of Bezerk, but in our infinite ignorance we thought we could record a gig and just put it out.
Our longtime friend and producer Tim Lewis reminded us that any live album must stand up to repeated listening – no one ever puts out such an album without spit and polish. So, we’ve worked extra hard on getting this band’s live sound to shine through.”

Capturing their unique brand of intensity – the clash of melody and mayhem that defines any Tigertailz show – is a tall order. That’s why Lewis and Tigertailz took their time to get things right, ensuring that the live vibe, the spark, and the rage for perfection shone through in every track.
They wanted, as Kim says, to ‘bring you the best possible live headbanging experience.’
“The album sounds fantastic,” he enthuses. “The songs leap out at you, just like we always wanted them to. You’ll be amazed at how exciting these songs sound in 2010.
We were inspired by albums like ‘Kiss – Alive’ and ‘Judas Priest – Unleashed In The East’. What we’ve created is the nearest thing you can get to a Tigertailz concert in your front room”

“Bezerk; Live…Burnin´” features all ten songs from the Bezerk album, performed in order, culled from three European shows in 2010.
Additionally, the band adds on an encore of two killer cover tunes, a ripping version of The Osmonds 1972 hit “Crazy Horses” as well as Motorhead’s classic anthem “Ace Of Spades”.
These twelve songs sound stunning, and the band is as sharp as ever.

This live album is not only proof positive that Tigertailz is still viable and relevant today, but also that yes, the Bezerk album was a dazzling release for this genre back in the day and all these songs have stood the test of time.
The recording quality is just amazing.
All the instruments and vocal harmonies are perfectly balanced, production is crisp and neat, polished and glossy, but retaining the raw ‘live’ feel.
All this, of course, supported by a brillant set of songs featuring huge choruses and catchy melodies.
“Bezerk; Live…Burnin´” is one of the best live rock ‘n roll recordings of all time.
Trust me.
Highly Recommended

01. Sick Sex
02. Love Bomb Baby
03. I Can Fight Dirty Too
04. Noise Level Critical
05. Heaven
06. Love Overload
07. Action City
08. Twist & Shake
09. Squeeze It Dry
10. Call Of The Wild
11. Crazy Horses
12. Ace Of Spades

Kim Hooker – vocals
Jay Pepper – guitars
Sarah Firebrand – bass
Robin Guy – drums
Produced by Tim Lewis and Tigertailz


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