IBERIA – Revolution (2011)

IBERIA is a mythical Portuguese Hard Rock band formed in 1986, which achieved a local hit with the song ‘Hollywood’ in 1987, a single off their debut ‘Iberia’.
They were the first Portuguese band broadcasted on the BBC radio, and toured all Europe at the end of the eighties.
After the 2nd album ‘Heroes Of The Wasteland’ (1990) and some shows, the group disbanded.

With the recent resurgence of the classic Hard Rock genre all over Europe, Iberia’s two albums were remastered and re-issued in 2009. Due the good sales and the renewed interest in the band, founder member João Sérgio bring Iberia to life again.
After successful gigs and rehearsals on new material, Iberia went into studio to record “Revolution”.

The immediate thing that really impressed me after listen a couple of songs, is the incredible good production on this CD.
But you need as well three important ingredients to cook a good album; good songs, musicianship and a good vocalist.
And Iberia has it all.
On “Revolution”, the band plays lovely melodic ’80s American Hard Rock, with catchy arrangements and cool hooks. The overall sound is strong but polished, enhanced by the bright production.
You can’t resist to classy hardrockers as “All Night Flying”, “Revolution”, “Stooge” or “She Devil” to name a few.
Musicianship? All Iberia members are skilled performers, the valvular Les Paul twin guitar sound is terrific, the bass fat and deep and the drummer is solid as a rock.
You need a great singer for this kind of material, and this band has a wonderful one; Miguel Freitas is perfect for these songs (with no accent at all), supported by very good backing vocals.
On “Tired (Leave Me Alone)” the band try something different with Moonspell’s vocalist Fernando Ribeiro as guest. I don’t like his growling parts and the heavy approach on this track, out of place into this very hard rockin’ melodic album.
But apart from that, all songs on “Revolution” are truly good.
As the re-recording of Iberia’s classic “Hollywood”, a song that seems out the eighties Sunset Blvd.

“Revolution” is another surprise of the year, an album practically with no promotion outside Portugal, not even discovered as import by specialized stores.
Perhaps with the preconception for a band from an unusual country for this genre, and the fact it was recorded locally, I was expecting a more ‘pedestrian’ recording.
“Revolution” blows out of the water many of the recent MR/HR albums published by major or specialized labels.
Production, mix and specially mastering (a crucial and commonly forgotten aspect) are first rate.
Trust me, Iberia ROCKS.

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrock

IBERIA - Revolution (2011) tracklist

Miguel Freitas: Vocals
Toninho: Guitars
Jorge Sousa: Guitars
João Sérgio: Bass
David Sequeira: Drums


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