MICHAEL FLEXIG (Zeno) – World Of Tomorrow (2011) Rare album

MICHAEL FLEXIG (Zeno) - World Of Tomorrow (2011)

MICHAEL FLEXIG was the vocalist behind Zeno, the brainchild of German guitarist Zeno Roth (brother of the ex- Scorpions legendary axeman Uli Jon Roth), and both published a bunch of wonderful AOR albums in the ’80s-90’s.
Flexig decided to record 11 Zeno Roth originals in his own way entitled “World Of Tomorrow”.
This is a curious release, as all these songs has been released before as Zeno-the band – OK maybe Flexig wanted to give them his own touch – but occurs that this album was produced by… Zeno Roth.
Then, as expected, “World Of Tomorrow” sounds as a Zeno album.

And that’s not a bad thing, on the contrary, all these really good tunes blows your speakers away with huge bombastic guitar chords and soaring vocals.
Perhaps there’s a little difference in the way Flexig delivers his parts, on top of the mix and with a bit more roughness but still extremely melodic and modulated.
“World Of Tomorrow” includes very well crafted songs by the great pen of Zeno Roth, some of them close to the classic status right now, such as “Eastern Sun”, “Together”, “Heat Of Emotion” or “Out In The Night”.
But all are really fine Melodic Hard Rock tunes, well produced and performed.

Long time fans will find some slightly new arrangements on some tracks, and if you never heard Zeno-the band, this is a good opportunity to appreciate Roth’s top songwriting and Michael Flexig vocal abilities (soaring for sure).
Really Good Stuff.


MICHAEL FLEXIG (Zeno) - World Of Tomorrowtracks



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  1. Anonymous says:

    great album, great singer!

  2. Rune Hansen says:

    please re-open at turbo or like

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