KEE MARCELLO – Redux ; Shine On (2012)

KEE MARCELLO - Redux ; Shine On (2012)


KEE MARCELLO is one of those artists who is able to turn his hand to anything without fear.
He started his career in 1982 with the glam rock band Easy Action recording two albums. In ’86 he joined Europe and toured the World three times. His name as a renowned guitarist was established and the time was ripe for the release of an instructional video. One year later came the bluesy-rock project Red Fun.

Then was time for his solo debut album, 1995’s “Shine On”. As said, he has played many genres without fear, and in this first effort as solo artist, Kee goes Melodic Rock.
This recording sees Marcello in a more intimate way, delivering a good bunch of tunes with a much mellower approach than in his previous bands. Not in vain the original release cover of this album pictures him sporting a big acoustic guitar.
Now, Kee is releasing a remastered and repackaged version of this CD as “Redux : Shine On”, including three bonuses.

Back in the day I liked this album alot, and I like it now.
Includes some truly good laid back Melodic Rock songs, beautifully crafted around organic melodies. Marcello’s vocal timbre fits this style nicely, it’s warm and affectionate.
We have some rockers too with Kee showing his six-string abilities, not in a flashing way but with a classic style and sound.
The three bonus tracks are outtakes from the “Shine On”s recording sessions, not with the quality standards of the main album tracks, but all are a nice addition to your collection.
Really Good.

You’ve seen it first here, at zerodayrock

01 – When The Rain Comes Falling
02 – Shine On
03 – Sweet Little Sister
04 – Rough Ride
05 – La Liaison
06 – Tonight Belongs To Us
07 – Credo (I Belive)
08 – The Wind Cries Your Name
09 – River Of Karma
10 – Fine Line
11 – Together Alone
12 – Magic Potion (Outtake) [Redux bonus]
13 – Call Me (Outtake) [Redux bonus]
14 – You’re The Most Beautiful (Outtake) [Redux bonus]

Kee Marcello – Lead vocals, Guitars
Johan Lyndström – Guitar
Svante Henryson – Bass
Mats Asplen – Keyboards
Magnus Persson – Drums


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