SAVAGE – Sons Of Malice (2012)

SAVAGE - Sons Of Malice (2012)


SAVAGE will forever be memorized for their striking ‘Let It Loose’ hit song that was originally included in the British band’s ‘Loose ‘N’ Lethal’ (1983) debut.

Savage in their heyday where right up there with the best of them, Iron Maiden, Saxon and Diamond Head to name a few, spearheading the NWOBHM movement as it took the world by storm. Their early works receiving great acclaim and well deserved media coverage.

The band folded in 1986, resurrecting themselves in 1995 for a further 3 albums before disbanding again in the early 2000’s.

Now after a ten year break Savage is back with this, their new studio release “Sons Of Malice”.

Their NWOBHM origins are still present in their music but in minor quantities, as instead of balls to the wall metal, Savage now basically plays British Classic Hard Rock.

So they’re aiming for an early eighties Whitesnake meets Thin Lizzy with a dash of Rainbow and Judas Priest style, which isn’t a blend that immediately springs to mind, but which works quite well. Even though these vintage influences are notorious, their sound is surprisingly up to date, as are the themes which the band has chosen as the backdrop for the songs on this new effort.

The line-up for this album has the two original members Chris Bradley (vocals and bass) and Andy Dawson (guitars), plus Kristian Bradley (Chris’ son) and long time friend Mark Nelson on drums.

The excellent opener “Hanging Tree” proves one of many outstanding numbers worth listening out for, emerging from a classy introduction into a memorable track UFO would be happy to deliver. “Black N Blue” sees the band heading in a much more bluesy hard direction, a great track borrowing late seventies Whitesnake, and it’s a hybrid of these two styles that pretty much makes up the rest of this classy and very enjoyable album.

To describe a few; the album’s title track “Sons Of Malice” batters the bankers who slapped us in the face with recession, delivering livid, broad-chested riffs leading the pack. The groove is terrific and the chorus strong and effective.

After enjoying a sedating interlude with acoustic guitars, “Hanging Tree” jumps back on the saddle and rides the sonic waves. One of the highlights of the CD.

There’s a distinctly Blackmore style riff driving “Choose Revolution”, while the melodious yet sharp guitar attack of “Monkey On My Back” recalls Fastway.

“Sons Of Malice” is a fine set of thirteen songs that have their roots set firmly in what many of us remember as a golden era of Brit Classic Hard Rock.

This is no messing, meaty classic stuff and the delivery is just spot on. Following the instructions of UFO, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy and some of the ‘just rocking’ side of the NOWBHM days (e.g. early Saxon), “Sons Of Malice” is ideal for those who adore the past and praise those times’ magic.

The production and sound are clear and polished, we get a few slow (but perfectly placed) sections, but all in all this is classic Hard Rock riff-heaven, with vocalist Chris Bradley’s seasoned voice carrying things along at a lively pace.

For this style there’s nothing better than a twin guitar attack and Savage use it to great effect, matching this with a contemporary twist in the sound to bring things bang up to date.

So “Sons Of Malice” could be the dawn of a new era for Savage, as this is by far the best record they have ever made. The band is in superb shape and have mastered a giant record. Let’s hope that it doesn’t take another decade before they pull off another release like this.

Quite Recommended.

01 – The Rage Within

02 – Black N Blue

03 – Sons Of Malice

04 – The Hanging Tree

05 – Monkey On My Back

06 – Junkyard Dogs

07 – Blow

08 – Waking The Dead

09 – Choose Revolution

10 – NOW

11 – Look At Yourself

12 – Master Of War

13 – Fallen Idols

Chris Bradley: Lead Vocals, Bass

Andy Dawson: Guitar, Backing Vocals

Kristin Bradley: Guitar, Backing Vocals

Mark Nelson: Drums, Backing Vocals


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