MONTROSE – ST [SHM-CD remaster] (2012)

MONTROSE - ST [SHM-CD remaster] (2012)



MONTROSE self titled debut was (and still is) one of the most influential Hard Rock albums of all time, specially for American musicians.

Ronnie Montrose was an in-demand session guitarist before that, but he was searching for a self-directed musical exploration when he met Sammy Hagar.

Sammy Hagar said not so long ago; “The first Montrose album was the first album I ever recorded and it still stands as one of the best recordings I have ever been a part of”.

Hagar saw Montrose playing live as part of the Edgar Winter Group, and get flashed.

Then asked for Ronnie’s address, went there, and knocked on his door dressed like David Bowie – big old high heel platform shoes, satin pants, with a Les Paul and a notebook pad with all kinds of lyrics in it.

Hagar recalls; “I said; Hi, I’m Sammy Hagar. I heard you’re looking for a singer. He said; ‘Come on in. You got any songs?’

I played him the first four songs in my life, which were “Bad Motor Scooter”, “Make It Last”, “One Thing on My Mind” and “I Don’t Want It”.

We shook hands, and he said; ‘Let’s start a band. Do you know any drummers? I’ve got a bass player, Bill Church’. I had a drummer, Denny Carmassi – wasn’t in my band, but he was my favorite drummer around town.”

I wrote songs with him, but it was his trip. He’s the guy that got me to sing with him. I had no experience whatsoever. I went from zero to a hundred.”

Within a month Montrose the band signed to Warner Bros. Records, Ted Templeman producing, Don Landee engineering and the first Montrose album was born a month after that.

The disc combines good-time, party rock with a metal edge and slick guitar work, a sound that bands like Van Halen and Aerosmith would later adopt and polish to perfection (Templeman / Landee were Van Halen’s initial tech team).

I bet that many of you never heard Montrose’s debut.

Well, let me tell you this is a fantastic album ahead of its time, and still sounds fresh today. Think first VH albums with Hagar on vocals instead DL Roth. Production is exceptional for the age, with a crispy and sparkling sound.

Kerrang! readers voted “Montrose” as the 4th best & influential Metal Album of All Time, and I completely agree with that poll.

This Japanese SHM-CD remaster edition is simply outstanding, above the bar for this type of reissues.

A Must Have.

01 – Rock The Nation

02 – Bad Motor Scooter

03 – Space Station #5

04 – I Don’t Want It

05 – Good Rockin’ Tonight

06 – Rock Candy

07 – One Thing On My Mind

08 – Make It Last

Sammy Hagar – vocals

Ronnie Montrose – guitar

Bill Church – bass

Denny Carmassi – drums

Produced by Ted Templeman

Engineered by Don Landee and Stephen Jarvis


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