VA – An All Star Tribute To Pink Floyd; The Everlasting Songs (2015)

VA - An All Star Tribute To Pink Floyd; The Everlasting Songs (2015) full


An All Star Tribute To Pink Floyd; The Everlasting Songs” it’s just another ‘brick in the wall’ set of tribute albums to the legendary band. There’s nothing new here, these tracks previously appeared into different PF tributes but the Collectors Dream label selected the best and put them into a CD.
But this is good, really good stuff that worth the purchase.

If I had never listened to Pink Floyd (and I listened to all of their albums) I would say that this is probably one of the best Progressive Melodic Hard Rock albums I’ve ever heard.
Indeed, most of the star musicians participating come from the aforementioned genre such as Steve Lukather (Toto), Tommy Shaw (Damn Yankees, Styx), Marco Mendoza (Blue Murder), Mike Porcaro (Toto), Jay Schellen (Unruly Child), Aynsley Dunbar (Journey), etc.
Yes, the Floyd songs selected here are the ‘more rocking’, and the above mentioned musicians have done a terrific job covering them in a vibrant style.

VA - An All Star Tribute To Pink Floyd; The Everlasting Songs (2015) booklet

Most of the tracks that are presented here were performed with a very active use of effects and rippin’ riffs & solos of electric and bass guitar, smashing beats of drums, and quite potent, truly Hard Rock vocals.
Cuts like “Another Brick In the Wall”, “Welcome To the Machine” (great guitar work by Gary Hoey), “Any Colour You Like”, “Money” (excellent Tommy Shaw lead vocals) or “Have a Cigar” with legendary Bobby Kimball of Toto fame at the mic, sound, overall, much heavier, rocking than the originals.

A strong guitar work with blasting solos are present on each of the remaining songs as well. There’s a fabulous performance by Steve Lukather (both on 6-strings and vocals) on “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”, while John Wetton shines on “Hey You”.

VA - An All Star Tribute To Pink Floyd; The Everlasting Songs (2015) digipak

If you never heard the tribute albums from these tracks are taken, “An All Star Tribute To Pink Floyd; The Everlasting Songs” is a highly recommended listen. Collectors Dream has chosen the best songs / performances / artists, and put them all together.
The real merit of these versions is its stylistic integrity. The classic Pink Floyd songs, done here in the vein of Progressive Melodic Hard Rock sound truly excellent.
In short, this is one of the most successful tribute albums that I’ve ever heard.
Highly Recommended.

01 – Hey You
Acoustic Guitar – Tommy Shaw
Drums – Alan White
Keyboards – Geoff Downes
Lead Guitar – Steve Lukather
Lead Vocals, Bass – John Wetton
Vocals – Billy Sherwood

02 – Speak To Me / Breathe
Bass – Hohn Giblin
Drums – Alan White
Guitar – Jeff Baxter
Keyboards – Tony Kaye
Vocals – Adrian Belew

03 – Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Vocals, Guitars – Steve Lukather
Bass – Marco Mendoza
Drums – Vinnie Colaiuta

04 – Another Brick In The Wall (Version 2)
Backing Vocals – Alex Ligertwood, David Glenn Eisley
Bass – Mike Porcaro
Drums – Greg Bissonette
Keyboards – Billy Sherwood
Lead Guitar – Ronnie Montrose
Lead Vocals – Fee Waybill

05 – Time
Vocals, Guitar – Gary Green
Bass – Colin Mouling
Drums – Jay Schellen
Keyboards – Billy Sherwood
Sitar – Robby Krieger

06 – Any Colour You Like
Bass – Tony Franklin
Drums – Aynsley Dunbar
Guitar – Billy Sherwood
Keyboards – Scott Walton

07 – In The Flesh?
Bass – John Giblin
Drums – Alan White
Guita – Gary Green
Keyboards, Vocals – Billy Sherwood
Lead Vocals – Adrian Belew
Organ – Keith Emerson
Vocals – Michael Sherwood

08 – Money
Bass – Tony Levin
Drums – Mike Baird
Guitar – Richie Kotzen
Saxophone – Edgar Winter
Vocals – Tommy Shaw

09 – Welcome To The Machine
Bass – Mike Porcaro
Drums – Greg Bissonette
Guitar – Gary Hoey
Keyboards – Derek Sherinian
Vocals – Doug Pinnick

10 – Have A Cigar
Bass – Mike Porcaro
Drums – Greg Bissonette
Guitar – Bob Kulick, Bruce Kulick
Vocals – Bobby Kimball

11 – The Great Gig In The Sky
Bass, Keyboards – Billy Sherwood
Drums – Jay Schellen
Vocals – CC White
Piano – Rick Wakeman
Guitar – Steve Howe


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