GEOFF TATE (Queensryche) – Kings & Thieves (2012)

GEOFF TATE (Queensryche) - Kings & Thieves (2012) mp3 download


With the acrimonious split between GEOFF TATE and Queensryche still being aired in public almost daily like a bad taste comedy, it’s getting harder and harder to focus on the fact that these guys have produced some stellar music over the years due to their insistence on washing their dirty laundry in public.

Well, musically, Tate has made the first shot from the barricades with “Kings & Thieves”, his new solo album.

First and foremost if you want to listen to anything harder from Tate or Queenryche then stick to Rage for Order and Operation Mindcrime.

If you want to judge a solo artist by measuring up this piece of work as a sole entity and not anything else, then you shouldn’t be let down too much with “Kings & Thieves”.

Remember; this is a Geoff Tate solo album.

However, if you liked Queenryche’s work since Q2K (1999), keep in mind that these were mostly Tate’s ‘solo’ albums, as he has conducted the band musically and lyrically.

So it’s not a surprise that some of the songs on here have a feel reminscent of Q2K or Tribe, with new more arty rock influences and keyboard atmospheres.

Some of the upbeat tunes in “Kings & Thieves” come via “Take a Bullet” and “In The Dirt” which feature a mix of those mysterious synth keyboards, alongside a touch of saxophones which we know Tate like to throw-in there from time to time. The musicianship on these two songs is halfway decent and actually a little groovy which works as it sets the tone of the record early.

There is some autobiographical songs in “The Way I Roll” with a pretty good vocal job and the orchestrated ballad “Change”, a real stand out and one of the best pieces of work Geoff has done in many years.

Not so convincing vocally is “Say U Luv It” with its spoken word lyrics but the music is quite progressive and intriguing, while the dark guitar adds substance to the song.

Kelly Grey is a good guitar player with a particular style, and his contribution benefits the recording with a varied palette of sounds, one minute a little bluesy then next heavy riffing as on “Dark Money”.

“Kings & Thieves” is an interesting rock album if you keep Queensryche out of your mind listening to it.

Geoff Tate sounds like he’s enjoying the freedom to experiment with different styles and moods as the muse takes him.

I think it’s better that Tate now goes solo under his moniker.

The simple truth of the matter is that Geoff’s moved on from his early days of bombastic progressive metal and, whilst his musical direction is certainly different, this is a skillfully produced and well delivered arty, modern, sometimes extravagant rock album.

“Kings & Thieves” is simply Rock, different and explorative, yes, but quite interesting.

01 – She Slipped Away

02 – Take A Bullet

03 – In The Dirt

04 – Say U Luv It

05 – The Way I Roll

06 – Tomorrow

07 – Evil

08 – Dark Money

09 – These Glory Days

10 – Change

11 – Waiting

Geoff Tate – Vocals, Sax

Kelly Grey – Guitars

Chris Zukas – Bass

Randy Gane – Keyboards

Gregg Gilmore – Drums

Jason Ames, Emily Tate – harmony Vocals

GEOFF TATE (Queensryche) - Kings & Thieves (2012) back cover


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