BEGGAR’S JAM – Feat. Mr. Casablanca [Michael Voss] (2013)

BEGGAR'S JAM - Feat. Mr. Casablanca [Michael Voss] (2013) mp3, download


Without a doubt, German singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Michael Voss is a busy man involved into many bands like MSG or his beloved Mad Max, and lately, producing other acts. He finds relax collaborating with his friend Holggy Begg (Swiss born) in Beggar’s Bride, a classic rock side-project.
Since some years now both morphed this band into BEGGAR’S JAM, a two-man orchestra basically playing acoustic shows in central Europe just for fun.
But as happened with the Bride’s, they have recorded a couple of albums as well, being this “Featuring Mr. Casablanca” the new release of the duo featuring some guest friends.

Mr. Casablanca is the alter ego of Casanova, Voss’ fantastic band from the nineties. If you never heard Casanova, you’re missing some terrific Melodic Hard Rock albums, in my opinion, among the best ever emerged from the German scene.
Well, in point of fact, “Featuring Mr. Casablanca” consists of Casanova’s songs turned acoustic. There’s bloody good, melodic versions of – for me – classics like the awesome “Burning Love”, “The Girl Is Mine”, “Guns Say Fire”, “Love Lies” or “Hollywood Angels”, all dynamically played including lots of acoustic instruments and vintage keyboards.
But it isn’t all about unplugged; another absolute fav of mine like “Rome Burns” add electric guitars, and some quite wild at places as heard on “Bang Bang”.

BEGGAR'S JAM - Feat. Mr. Casablanca [Michael Voss] (2013) inside cover

The simple reason of why “Feat. Mr. Casablanca” works it’s because features excellent songs.
Some of these are true Melodic Rock gems, performed here in a stripped way and organically produced. A bunch of friends such as Hermann Rarebell and Mandy Meyer come to collaborate, and the result is an extremely pleasant listen.
You can’t beat the strength of a good song – no matter the environment in which is played – and take for sure these veterans do justice to these splendid tunes.
Great one to un-plug your head off your problems or a hard day.
Really Recommended.

01 – Burning Love
02 – Living a Lie
03 – The Girl Is Mine
04 – Rome Burns
05 – Love Lies
06 – Bang Bang
07 – Ride the Wings of Freedom
08 – Hollywood Angels
09 – Guns Say Fire
10 – Home Is Where the Heart Is
11 – Not Over You
12 – The Last of the Runaways

Michael Voss (Bonfire, Casanova, Mad Max) – Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Mandolin
Holggy Begg (Beggar’s Bride) – Organ, Mellotron, Moog, Backing Vocals
Mandy Meyer (Gotthard, Krokus, Asia) – Lead Guitar
Jan Laurenz – Chapman Stick
Mark Schulman (Foreigner, Billy Idol) — Drums
Hermann Rarebell (Scorpions) — Drums

BEGGAR'S JAM - Feat. Mr. Casablanca [Michael Voss] (2013) back cover


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