IRON SAVIOR – Titancraft (2016)

IRON SAVIOR - Titancraft (2016) full

Titancraft” is an appropriated title for IRON SAVIOR‘s ninth studio album (released today May 20) as they are titans of classic German / Teutonic power metal. The band, lead by founder, guitarist and vocalist Piet Sielck, has been storming the European lands for better than 20 years.

For 20 years Iron Savior have been performing their unique Power Metal vision, eking out their existence in a genre often plagued with bands simply rehashing the same tired sounds and tropes created by the progenitors of the style.
Created as a studio project by Piet Sielck, a man who had been working behind the scenes in the metal world, teamed up in ’96 with Kai Hansen of Gamma Ray / Helloween and Thomen Stauch of Blind Guardian taking elements of the three aforementioned legendary bands of the Power Metal world.

You’d think after some many years, Iron Savior would have their chosen genre nailed down, and you’d be right. Drawing from classic metal influences, the band puts forth guitar-driven, riff roaring, and galloping heavy metal.
Toss in some strong assertive vocals, including gang vocals, significant groove from the rhythm section and blistering solos, Iron Savior by definition plays “keep it true” heavy metal in it’s best form.

However… and here comes the reason of why this album it is being featured on this blog: yeah, Iron Savior is traditional metal, but on this new album “Titancraft” the have incorporated lots of melodies and a hard rock feel turning things much more enjoyable.
Take as example the bass-pumped, groove beast ‘Gunsmoke’, adorned with harmony vocals on the quite catchy chorus.

Also the highly melodic ‘Beyond the Horizon’ is a standout, which could sit alongside the best of Iron Savior’s catalog. It has the kind of epic ridiculousness that makes you wield household objects as medieval weaponry.
Also, there’s the really commercial – and truly good – ballad ‘I Surrender’ which build in intensity with very good harmony vocals arrangements and orchestrated synths. Piet’s vocals still have that distinct gruff tone to it while at the same time projecting such strength giving the songs such emotion and power.

IRON SAVIOR - Titancraft (2016) back

Sure, “Titancraft” still is a metal album, but here Iron Savior are exploring new territories trying to appeal hard rock, and why not, melodic hard rock fans.
Closer to the hard rock groove of Accept than the Gamma Ray influences of their origins, Iron Savior 2016 is much more melodic, catchy, like never before. Production-wise, they also aim to the aforementioned genres fan, as it’s huge, bombastic, glossy, in the vein of Swedish present major acts.
Rocks great.

01 – Under Siege
02 – Titancraft
03 – Way of the Blade
04 – Seize the Day
05 – Gunsmoke
06 – Beyond the Horizon
07 – The Sun Won’t Rise in Hell
08 – Strike Down the Tyranny
09 – Brother in Arms
10 – I Surrender
11 – Rebellious

Piet Sielck – Vocals, Guitars
Jan-Sören Eckert – Bass, Vocals
Thomas Nack – Drums
Joachim “Piesel” Küstner – Guitars


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