LANCELOT – But I Just Can’t Stay Behind [remastered +6] (2016)

LANCELOT - But I Just Can't Stay Behind [remastered +6] (2016) full

Karthago Records, known for the digging in obscure vaults to resurrect completely forgotten bands, has this time taken on the Saarland, Germany group LANCELOT. “But I Just Can’t Stay Behind” is the reissue of Lancelot’s 1983 LP for the first time on CD, digitally remastered and with six bonus tracks.

Lancelot was founded in the late Seventies, with band releasing some singles in 1979 (two of them featured here as bonus tracks). From the beginning, the band was only interested in their potential to create a hit. And they managed to write several ones.
It was not until 1983 when the had a chance for a full LP, this “But I Just Can’t Stay Behind”, a 10-track of cool melodic hard rock with pop sensibilities.

“Stop Man”, “Treat Me Right”, “Stargazer” and the title track just to name a few were catchy and showed the solid songwriting ability of the band. And the really fine vocals convince even after 30 years.
Most of these were successful singles locally with Lancelot playing all over Germany, Austria & Switzerland.

By 1984, the group slightly changed their sound to a more Americanized style, as heard in the AORish “Far Away”, the keyboard filled “Miss You” and highly harmonized “Blinded”, all included as bonus tracks on this release.

In fact, Lancelot went to America the next year to try their luck under another name (Juicy Lucy) and with a style more fitted for the American market. Of course, success evaded them.

LANCELOT - But I Just Can't Stay Behind [remastered +6] (2016) back

This reissue of “But I Just Can’t Stay Behind” summarizes most the singles and the LP recorded by this pretty unknown band outside Germany, showcasing they had potential for bigger things.
Most of the songs sound fresh even for today’s standards, of course, carrying the spirit of the time in a cool mix of melodic rockers, poppy and at places AORish tunes.
Quite nice time capsule from the ’80s.

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 – Stop Man
02 – Home Again
03 – Struck Down
04 – Stargazer
05 – Treat Me Right
06 – But I Just Can’t Stay Behind
07 – Killer Machine
08 – All Right Now
09 – Rock’n Roller
10 – Tribute To F.J. Haydn / Abjfv
11 – Little Jane {Bonus Track 1979}
12 – Lancelot {Bonus Track 1979}
13 – Far Away {Bonus Track 1984}
14 – Miss You {Bonus Track 1984}
15 – Pretty Thing {Bonus Track 1984}
16 – Blinded {Bonus Track 1984}

Albert Jochum – vocals, guitars
Franky R. – bass
Bernardi Ferone – guitars
Joachim Hammerschmidt – drums
Volker Herschban – keyboards


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