SUICIDE BOMBERS – Suicide Idols (2017)

SUICIDE BOMBERS - Suicide Idols (2017) full

The cover for the SUICIDE BOMBERS new album “Suicide Idols” album immediately caught my attention when I saw it. Back in the old days when kids often bought metal / glam albums simply based on the album cover by itself, this one would have been snatched up many times.
And what about the music?, Oh, it’s also inspired by ‘the old days’, more specifically ’80s sleazy hard rock. And very well done.

Some of you may be old enough to remember when Faster Pussycat emerged with their debut album. Or even before, the first two Motley albums.
Fast forward thirty years and Suicide Bombers have totally captured the same vibe with their latest release, “Suicide Idols”. Yeah, this record delivers a solid dose of sleazy rock in all its delicious, fishnet glory.

‘Intro: A Divine Transmission’ is probably the best one since Mötley Crüe‘s In The Beginning for their epic Shout At The Devil album. Suicide Bombers‘ opening intro track may well have you chuckling as the narrator proclaims the virtues of the band and its members without holding anything back.

I really like that the Suicide Bombers kept things simple with their songs by really building and capitalizing on straight guitar riffs, giving the listener the time to hear Doll‘s vocals and simply not overplaying on any of the songs with over the top guitar solos or anything like that.
It’s like if there was a conscious effort to really put the songs first ahead of anyone else.

One impressive thing about this band is leader Chris Damien Doll. Even though he is far from being the best vocalist, the songs are written in a way that his raspy voice really shines throughout.
Throw in some timely background vocals and sing along type choruses for many of the songs and you have some very enjoyable vocals to listen to. Even though Doll has a rough and tumble delivery, unlike for instance fellow raspy vocalist Blackie Lawless (as of the last 15 years), you can actually understand quite clearly exactly what Doll is saying.

You have upbeat hard rockers such as ‘Suicide Idol,’ ‘We Got Tonight’ and ‘Keep An Eye On You’, driven by sharp riffs and a punchy rhythm section, yet very polished.
But the band also craft much more melodic tunes in favor to catchiness, being the best ‘Ready For Tonight,’ ‘Generation Kill’, midtempo ‘Never Gonna Change’ and ‘Next World War’, all songs destined to be anthems for the band in a live environment.

SUICIDE BOMBERS - Suicide Idols (2017) inside

The album runs out with two of my personal favourites: ‘Waiting’ ups the melody and the Glam and works really well, a little more ‘old school’ than some here; while closer ‘Just One F#ck’ almost veers in Steel Panther territory and it does it with aplomb! It’s a great rocker, maybe even the best here and rides a great chorus.
Ahhh, but we must not forget the fun outro, ‘Over and M@therfucking Out’!

Released by themselves, Suicide Bombers have created in “Suicide Idols” some of the finest sleaze hard rock I have heard in years.
Do not be fooled by the ‘sleazy’ tag, Suicide Bombers are far from being ordinary, dirty or pedestrian. This is a really well thought product, very polished, with a clear production & mix, and many of the songs almost have a ‘melodic rock feel’ due its catchy choruses and sweet guitar licks.
Highly Recommended

01 – Intro: A Divine Transmission
02 – Suicide Idol
03 – Ready For Tonight
04 – Next World War
05 – Never Gonna Change
06 – We Got Tonight
07 – Keep An Eye On You
08 – Generation Kill
09 – Sex Star Icon
10 – Waiting
11 – Just One F#ck
12 – Outro: … Over & Motherf@cking Out (part 3)

Chris Damien Doll – Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Lazy Leather – Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
C Slim – Bass & Backing Vocals
Lyle Starr – Drums


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